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The greatest impact of a global issue nowadays is poverty. Thereis a huge amount of people live in poverty, and it affects to societieshorribly over the past decades. The extreme amount of poverty causes manypeople lived in unprivileged conditions. How does poverty affect society? Dueto poverty, there are three main problems can impact to societies such as childeducation, environment, and crime.Educationis an essential role model to develop society. It provides people a knowledge of the world around them andchanges into something better. It develops in human perspectives of looking atlife; furthermore, it helps people to build opinions and have points of view onthings in life.

It is not a coincidence that the majority of studentsdropped out of schools in high-poverty communities. People know that studentsin these communities come to school facing many of obstacles every day that caninhibit their ability to focus, learn, and ultimately graduate on time, if atall. For many poor families, education is notpossible or viewed as useless, and education is vital to break the cycle of poverty,more educated people equals more quality jobs. These is the reason each countryspends an enormous amount of budget to focus on the future of children, buildmore schools for them, offer free public transportation for families who cannotafford it and educate parents that their children need to be schooled. Theeffect of low income and lack of career experience from each parent cannot maketheir children pursue in higher education. The lack of education has led tomiss job opportunities, so in societies obviously do not have adequate humanresources.

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About 6.2 million children lived in families withunemployed parents in 2012, and that number rises to 12.1 million Americanchildren—about one in six—when including families with unemployed orunderemployed parents during an average month of 2012.

That’s a decrease from2010, when the figure was about 13.5 million children, but a huge increase from2007, when the number was 7.1 million children. (Shah)