The Effect of Multitasking

The new generation of students today have developed the strategy of accomplishing two or more tasks at the same time. This strategy, also called as multitasking, came about due to the growth and the expansion of communication technology. According to the research paper, multitasking refers to the concurrent processing of two or more tasks through the process of context switching. Neuroscience, however, conducted researches and showed that multitasking diminishes the brain’s ability to adequately and effectively receive information.The brain cannot process two relatively different thoughts at the same time.

Giving the illusion that one is simultaneously processing both thoughts at the same time, the brain switches between two different thoughts. The brain saves the current state of the former task whenever It switches from one task to another, then It can come back to It later. It takes a much longer time context switching between tasks than focusing on one task first since the brain will have to process the information first at a much slower rate.The purpose of this study is to analytically test whether multitasking in class affects the grade performance of business students. Testing in class will be the form of multitasking In this research. The outcome of this study can be very useful to students, Instructors, administrators, and other academic stakeholders.

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They will be able to gain new knowledge about the effect of multitasking In a learning environment and how much it can affect the students’ grade performance. The experiment was conducted using 62 undergraduate business students who were vided into two different groups.In a class lecture, one-half of the students (treatment group) sent text messages and the other half (control group) did not text. The study employed an Independent t-test to examine the overall quiz scores of the students at the . 05 alpha level. The t-test was used In the results portion of the paper since the study needed to analyze the statistical results of the two groups. By definition, a t-test is a statistical test that compares the means of two or more samples.

The results of the study show that the scores of the students part of the retirement group were significantly lower than the scores of the control group.The results by the use of the t-test of the experiment are shown below: Panel A: Testing versus Entitling (n=62) mean SST. Dive t-stats p-value Testing 42. 81 9. 91 1 . 75 .

0001 Non-Testing 31 58. 67 10. 42 Total 62 In the table, it can be clearly seen that multitasking (testing) in a learning environment may result in having a lower grade.

Although the research paper did not use any other statistical techniques in the experiment, additional tests on the impact of testing using gender and GAP were conducted to furthermore prove that multitasking can badly affect the grade of a student.