The fight each other to the death. This

The Capitol has been controlling all the districts for 74years.

They do so by using the Hunger Games, a form of psychologicaloppression. The Hunger Games was created a long time ago when the 13 districtsuprose against the Capitol and failed miserably. The Capitol instituted “TheTreaty of Treason” which brought the Hunger Games into existence. This allowedthe Capitol show off its power over the districts by taking away their childrenand making them kill one another.

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The purpose for it was to humiliatingly and torturouslyremind the citizens of the districts yearly about the failed uprising and forit to be never repeated again. It produces a loud message which emphasizes thatthe districts are completely at the Capitol’s mercy which suppresses them froman uprising against the Capitol. This method works due to a number of factors. Firstly, it imposes the idea of opposing districts. In theHunger Games, the children are picked from each district to fight each other tothe death. This creates a competitive environment between the districts whichmake the people in one district hate the other districts, as there havedefinitely been deaths caused by them. This reduces the chances of cooperationbetween the districts for a rebellion against the Capitol.

Secondly, the Hunger Games strengthens the idea that thecurrent circumstance was caused due to their own wrongdoings (the rebellion),which makes the people shift the blame from the Capitol to themselves. Thiscauses them to feel guilty for sending their own children to die in the Games.In order to prevent anything worse from happening, they dare not to repeattheir mistakes and reattempt at a rebellion.Thirdly, the Hunger Games is the way of the Capitol to putthemselves in a good light. The Capitol is limiting the amount of food that thedistricts get, causing them to go hungry.

Then the Capitol offers somethingcalled a “tesserae”, which gives you extra food in return for an entry into theHunger Games; and if you win the Hunger Games, you would get to live your lifewithout ever worrying about food. The Capitol uses this strategy to pretend thatthey are generous people and that the districts should be thanking them, whichreduces the motivation for an uprising.Last but not least, the Hunger Games have normalized deathsand violence.

For the people living in the districts, they think that theHunger Games is how they live now and is part of their life no matter what. Forthe people in the Capitol, they simply think the Hunger Games is just a meretelevision show, they do not see beyond that. The cruelty, hunger suffered bythe people have been normalized and they do not think that it is an inhumanething anymore.