The forward error correction methods of encoding andinstructing

The way we lead our lives and do business have significantly changed due to theimpact of Data Communications and Networking. During an early age, I cameacross a thesis on “Wireless Sensor Network” which was published by my brother.I was intrigued by it and then started to delve deep into the basic concepts ofCommunication Networks. Gradually, this captivation transformed into a deeppassion to learn the intricacies of the field. This passion led me to take upElectronics and Communication Engineering by securing a rank in the top 2% ofall Engineering aspirants of my State.The course structure during my UG helped me to get a better hold of all theunderlying principles of courses on Analog and Digital Communication, WirelessCommunication. This keen interest has led me to obtain First Class withDistinction in all the eight semesters and scored 90% overall in the lab exams.I have engaged myself in many interesting mini projects. In the project titled,”Cost Effective Home Security System via Bluetooth” I built a security systemusing elementary analog components and Arduino at an affordable cost. Also, Iworked on “Hand and Gesture based media control” using Matlab which proved tobe useful for visually impaired people and achieved 98.5% accuracy.After my 6th Semester, I did my Internship at Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL),which meets the technological needs of Indian defence. I worked on LHP 265, anadvanced DSP based lightweight 20 W HF SSB manpack radio. I contributed towardsthe significant improvement of Communication reliability by means of Automaticlink establishment, which enables real-time selection of optimum channelfrequency. Here, I learnt different aspects of Wireless Communication andchannel coding techniques.During my 8th semester, I worked on a project titled, “Implementation ofProgrammable Turbo Encoder for Deep Space Telemetry” at the Indian SpaceResearch Organization (ISRO). My teammates and I worked on the challenge ofincreasing the design efficiency of a turbo encoder by accommodatingprogrammability features in our project for variable code rates and informationblock lengths. I gained knowledge on advanced Communication between a Satelliteand Ground Station, the forward error correction methods of encoding andinstructing the hardware in VHDL. Further, the project was chosen among the sixbest projects in the department.I extensively worked with my Professor Bindu Kishore to solve the problem ofSpace Charge accumulation. We presented 2 papers “Space Charging and itshazards” and “Space Charge Mitigation using PEDOT: PSS” with research evidenceat the “National Conference of Space Ready Educational Institutions, A DreamCome True”.After my final year, I started working at a core R&D team of Robert Bosch, aFortune 500 company, for an Electrical Engineering position. In my firstassignment, I was enlisted to an 8-member International team that worked onMykie 2.0 (My kitchen Elf) Robot which was displayed at CES 2017, the world’slargest consumer electronics event. I was responsible for automating thecalibration of motors, using Python that enabled the robot to respond tocommands by nodding its head and turning around smoothly. I was alsoresponsible for the implementation of Communication between NUC and MPC5604P,using Ethernet Protocol and the development of functionality modules on Linux.In my present assignment, I am part of a 10-member team, responsible forupgrading architecture of a  100 million existing platform to a genericplatform, common for various home appliances and connecting them to Cloud. Myresponsibilities include implementing IPC, using D-Bus; i.MX6 Board bring-up;and Yocto Linux Platform development. I have undergone extensive trainings onEmbedded C, C++, Linux driver development, RTOS and Software Methodologies.All these experiences have helped me to familiarize with different aspects ofhardware and software with focus on Communication Network topics. I believefurther education in an environment conducive to R, will help me gain thenecessary technical acumen to contribute to the cutting-edge technologies inCommunication Networks. Currently, there are many challenges that are faced byemerging technologies such as 5g and IoT. Here, I would like to understand thetechnology in depth and provide effective solutions to create an efficientnetwork. In the long haul, I would like to take part in the research activitiesthat are being conducted by top notch companies to create a “Digital Future”,where every person on earth would be connected to each other.I believe, the well-structured, wide variety of course work related to ComputerCommunications and Networks(CCN) at Texas A seems to be the best fit for myaspirations. Thus, I wish to pursue MS in Computer Engineering.  I amparticularly impressed by the research topics of Associate Professor SrinivasShakkottai on communication networks, with an emphasis on the Internet. I wouldbe honoured to work under him and contribute to his current research on Cachingand Content Distribution.My academic excellence, wide technical skills will add to the diversity of CCNclass and my perseverance in all my projects give me the confidence that I willbe able to keep up with the high academic standards at Texas A. I thank youfor giving me an opportunity to express myself and I hope that I will beconsidered for admission into the Master’s Degree program at Texas A&M.