The from the Patriot army because they were

The soldiers had the hardest part of the war, between seeing their friends die, getting sick, or dying. You can probably agree with me. In the war, marching all the time would have worn out your shoes.

So many soldiers did not have any shoes or socks because the soles and the rest of the shoe wore out. Many soldiers shirts were ripped and had holes in them. They could not get new clothes because they could not afford them. But, that’s on the Patriot side. You would have thought it was a paradise if you saw what the British had in Philadelphia. They had featherbeds. The Patriots had hay blankets and hard ground to sleep on. Imagine if you had to sleep on the ground.

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It might be hard to fight if you spent all night on the ground. The British had a lot of good food too, like fish, bread, eggs, and other healthy foods. On the other hand, the Patriots had grains and just a little bit of meat if people gave them some. So while the British were getting fat, the Patriots were starving to death. The British were called the red coats because they wore red uniforms.

The Patriots wore blue uniforms. For the Patriots it was common for them to get frostbite at the time because they had little clothes. People betrayed the Patriots just so they could get gold from the British. They got the gold by bringing them more food and things like clothes. In addition, some spies got into the Patriots camp and tried to trick them into coming and joining the British. They tried to trick them by saying that the British have loads of better stuff. Some spies tried to trick the Patriots by saying that the British had a lot better food like fish, bread and lots more. Many soldiers tried to run away from the Patriot army because they were scared or they wanted out of the army so they could survive.

Many of the soldiers were caught, but some got away. If they were caught they would either be killed by being hung, get whipped, or get drummed out of the army. The soldiers were a important part of the war but they wouldn’t be as strong without their weapons. Cannons were a big weapon in the American Revolution, especially in the Battle of Yorktown.

Cannons would provide a range of fire that muskets couldn’t. They would allow the soldier to not get close to an enemy but still hit them. The cannon’s ammunition was a big round black ball that they would shove into a cannon. To fire a cannon you would have to light a match and set a rope on fire and it would go down and blow the cannonball out of the cannon. It was usually very loud.

Swivel guns were cannons that could move. They were able to swivel from side to side. They are smaller cannons than the regular cannon and obviously fired smaller ammunition.

Gallopers were cannons that were as small as the swivel and had the same ammunition as the swivel. The difference was that the galloper was mobile. It was one of the first ever mobile cannons.Swords were another weapon of the battle of Yorktown. They were often awarded to the highest ranked officer. Swords were not the best weapon to use because you had to be closer to your enemy. Sometimes you would see a sword fight, but not often. However, if you did run out of ammunition it would help to have a backup weapon just to defend yourself.

It wasn’t a lightsaber so it could not block bullets and you wouldn’t be able to cut through steel, but a sword was still a decent backup weapon. Bayonets were like swords but smaller. They were able to go on the front of your gun.  Bayonets were a weapon so if you were reloading the gun and a enemy soldier was coming for you, you would be able to stab them with your bayonet. These were mainly used for close combat. Muskets were the main weapon people used in battle.

The British militia was provided with clothes and weapons. 300,000 muskets were used to fight with in the continental army. Muskets needed to be reloaded very often. To reload a musket you would need a bullet mold. A bullet mold was something where you would put some gunpowder in a circle shaped mold.

Then you would squeeze the two sides together and it would make the bullet. Then you would be able to fire. Muskets were not all that trustable. They could fire, but they couldn’t be that on target if you were trying to shoot from a long distance. It would be a 50/50 chance of hitting your target.

Pistols were also used in the American Revolution. They were used as a backup weapon like swords. If your musket jammed, you would be able to take out your pistol and defend yourself.

Since muskets were not that great at hitting their target you can’t expect for the littler gun to be any better. The pistol wasn’t the best, but it was awarded to high ranking officers. At the time, pistols were more popular in duels