The fulfill whatever his wife has plotted for

The novel Macbeth by Shakespeare demonstrates how Macbeth is a character who is not malicious himself, but is easily carried away with what others have to say to him. He does not want to be seen like a wimp, so he decides to fulfill whatever his wife has plotted for a murder.

Throughout the novel, instead of Macbeth being satisfied with his position, he seeks for more which will only cause him to kill those who once meant something to him. Macbeth’s life goes from bad to worse each time he thinks he has accomplished something that will outstand him. Returning home from a victorious battle, Macbeth and Banquo were interrupted by three witches who predicted that Macbeth was going to be thane of Cawdor and King of Scotland, while Banquo was going to be father of kings. Shortly after the witches left, Macbeth and Banquo were given the news that Macbeth was going to be thane of Cawdor just as predicted. In order for the second prediction to occur quicker, the first thought that came to Macbeth’s mind was to murder his own cousin Duncan. He later tells his wife the news, who eventually takes the courage to plot Duncan’s murder. Macbeth was terrified at first to commit the crime, but it went away soon after Lady Macbeth was bullying him saying if he does not kill Duncan he is not a real man. As the witches predicted, Macbeth became king to Scotland.

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That power lead to selfishness, and hired two men to kill Banquo so he wouldn’t become father of kings. His own people turn their backs on them. Desperately, Macbeth revisits the witches for more predictions. The witches give him three apparitions. He takes the prophecy that he will make mistakes.

It does not change the fact that he has become emotionless. He makes sure that Macduff’s wife and children are murdered. Shortly after, he gets upset that his wife at a young age committed suicide.Macbeth still thinks he is undefeatable, but double thinks it when he saw an army coming for him with Birnam wood held up. He agrees to fight the battle and ends up killing one of the general’s son. One of the predictions told to Macbeth was to not be afraid of men born from women. Macduff says that he was not brought into this world naturally, but with a c-section. Macbeth was surprised but continued to fight.

Macbeth’s reign did not last for long, his head was chopped off by Macduff and that was the end for him. The witches already knew Macbeth’s outcome, but they must of enjoyed watching him suffer and people turning his back to him. It was probably a setup since they knew how gullible Macbeth was, and the success he would gained without the need for future predictions.