The Hindu and Muslim Divide

The varied nature of this planet allows us to be proud of our diversely amalgamated entities with different religion, faith, caste, creed, sense of belonging among other numerous things. However in reality, we have hardly witnessed a peaceful coexistence of people belonging to different faith for a considerable period of time. Even since the creation of this world numerous wars have been fought, innumerable lives have been perished only to prove the superiority of the faith of a section of people. If we look back to our post there are a lot of evidences of religion values being propagated by force and fear.Polities, prejudice, lust for power and dominance were often the prime driving forces in the propagandas of the noble religious values of most of the religions. Thus man, being as essentially political animal, has not spared religion and faith from his political hue. So the war goes on, sometimes openly and sometimes in the shadow of our complex perceptions.

As Alyque Padamsee, a well known stage director, has enquired – “Can we shake off our prejudices or are they in our psyche like our genes? Will we ever be free or ever – locked in combat ..Arabs against Jews, whites against blacks, Hindus against Muslims? Are there any final solution?” In India one of the most long–lived and haunting problems is the adverse tie between Hindus and Muslims. However it would be misleading to think that citizens across the country are alike. In the south, most people have somewhat relaxed point of view as that was by and large untouched by the Muslim rule.

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Elsewhere in India, the thinking is strongly influenced by the folk memories of Muslim rules during various phases. Today, a thinking Muslim may find it difficult to accept his minority status when he looks back to his glorious past. However in the present scenario we must ignore our past for the sake of a better future. As Amrik Singh says, “No real development can take place if the…