The Historical Background Of Virgin Atlantic Tourism Essay

The importance of Tourism and cordial reception industry can ne’er be over-emphasized in the development and growing of many states in the universe. As a consequence of the promotion in engineering and globalization, touristry and cordial reception industry serve as a critical driver of occupation creative activity every bit good as being the chief beginning of income for many developed and the less developed states. Due to the polar function of this industry in the creative activity of wealth for states, several companies every bit good as international administrations devise efficient and cost effectual operational direction methods in order to maximize their net incomes.A cardinal industry that propel touristry and enables touristry and cordial reception industry to its present planetary tallness is the air power industry, which non merely transport people from one topographic point to the other, but ensures that topographic points that were deemed unapproachable can be discovered, thereby making wealth for administrations every bit good as heightening the geographical prominence of states in the conference of states.

Virgin Atlantic, the 2nd largest commercial air hose in the United Kingdom play an active function in the touristry and cordial reception concern by guaranting that it provide cost effectual and advanced services to its assorted clients.As a consequence of acute competition in the air power industry, Virgin Atlantic is renowned to be one of the innovators of in-flight amusement as good presenting a premium economic system category services for its clients that can non afford to go on an upper category but still wants to profit and bask some of the privileges of the upper category clients.The planetary economic recession every bit good as the harsh concern clime has made it imperative for companies to re-evaluate their concern theoretical accounts and device schemes to get by with the of all time altering macro and micro environmental factors that affect the company. These are made possible by the analysis of the company ‘s Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat ( SWOT ) it faces while runing in relation to their rivals.Despite the promotion in engineering, the three nucleus maps of any administration i.

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e. selling, merchandise and service development, and operation are good guided in order satisfy the of all time increasing client demands. To make these, most administrations align their operation direction schemes to the alterations in the external and internal forces that affect their operational theoretical account. Kim and Olsen ( 1993 ) corroborated this by recommending that a balanced attack must be used to supervise the events that occur in the external sphere and measuring the possible impact on concern and unit degree operations.Administrations must concentrate on their strengths in order to cover with the broad scope of external factors in making chances for themselves. On these footing, the designation of the external and internal operational direction methods are clearly identified as a tool in increasing productiveness, client satisfaction every bit good as advancing their merchandises to their mark audience.


In every research, there are assorted jobs that are identifiable, but for the intent of this research, the undermentioned inquiries need probe.

What operational method can organisation follow? What is the significance of operational direction to an administration? Should administrations in the cordial reception industry follow similar or different operational direction?


The aim of this research can be summarised as follow ;1. To analyze the operation direction of Virgin Atlantic in relation to touristry and cordial reception.2. Establish the impact of internal and external factors that affects Virgin Atlantic operations.3. How company formulate and follow scheme.4.

Identifying the strengths and failing of Virgin Atlantic5. How the company measures service quality and betterment.6.

To set up the best operational direction methods for productiveness and publicity.

Significance OF THE STUDY

The survey is of great importance because it underlines the apprehension of the operation direction of Virgin Atlantic which is one of the innovators in invention in the touristry and air power industry. The research highlights the assorted attacks used by Virgin Atlantic in their day-to-day operations and how it has been able to stay a feasible and competitory company

Restriction OF THE STUDY

Due to clip restraint, it was non possible to make a comparative survey of the operation direction of Virgin Atlantic in relation to other administrations in the air power industry in relation to cordial reception direction.



Virgin Atlantic is the 2nd largest commercial air hose in the United Kingdom that starts operation in 1984.It is headquartered in Crawley near Gatwick airdrome and owned by Sir Richard Branson ( 51 % ) and Singapore Airlines ( 49 % ) .The air hose operates between the United Kingdom and North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia from its bases at Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow Airport, utilizing a assorted fleet of Airbus and Boeing wide-bodied jets ( net 1 ) .

Almost unambiguously among major air hoses, it operates no short-haul services whatsoever, with its shortest path being from London to Accra ( web 2 ) .It offers three categories of travel: Upper, Premium Economy and Economy categories which all bears the trademark of Virgin ‘s award winning inflight amusement and based on air hoses purposes of proviso of advanced service at first-class value for money for all categories of air travelers ( net 3 ) .

Birth and Formation

Virgin Atlantic was conceived as consequence of an thought from Randolph Fields who wanted to be runing flights from London to the Falklands islands after the Falkland war. But due to Logistic and operational cost, the Falklands operation was aborted and an alternate agreement to hold flights runing from London to the United States was agreed upon.

Randolph William claude dukenfields proposed his thought of flights operations to Richard Branson at a party in Central and he agreed to be a spouse in the flight concern with 25 % interest traveling to Randolph Fields and 75 % to Richard Branson ( Web 4 ) . Like all Richard Branson concerns, he approaches the partnership as a venture that must win within a twelvemonth or he exits the partnership. The air hose was an instant hit in its first twelvemonth and it was able to rent more planes in the 2nd and subsequent old ages. Richard Branson finally bought out Randolph Fields interest in the concern in 1997 after dissension over operations of the air hose.After its inaugural flight to Newark in the United States on its leased Boeing 747 in 1984, the air hose had acquired more airplanes to cover different paths and finishs runing from Tokyo, Boston, Los Angeles, Rolando etc. Despite the evident success and popularity of the air hose, the company faced fiscal jobs in the 1990 ‘s due to the recession, the Gulf War and the subsequent prostration of International Leisure Group ( ILG ) , there was demand to salvage Virgin Atlantic from prostration and involves the abolishment of the Traffic Distribution Rules ( TDRs ) which was meant to make equal distribution air traffic between Heathrow and Gatwick airdromes in order aid Gatwick airdrome to do net income.The TDRs regulation stated that air hoses that do non run international flights from Heathrow airdrome prior to 1977 would non be permitted operations at that place, but will alternatively be utilizing Gatwick airdrome.

The abolishment of the regulation made it possible for air hoses to get down operational flights from Heathrow. This later paved manner for Virgin Atlantic to get down operations at Heathrow airdrome despite resistance from British air passages who was the largest operator so. As a consequence of this move, Virgin Atlantic was able to increase its long-haul flights and survived the recession in the economic system.

In order to consolidates its place and spread out its flight operations, Virgin Group the parent company of Virgin Atlantic, sold 49 % interest of the air hose to Singapore air hoses in twelvemonth 2000, while Richard Branson retains 51 % interest of the air hose. This increased the value of the air hose ?1.25 billion thereby doing it one of the biggest private operated air hose in universe ( Web 5 ) .

Competition with Rivals

The motion of Virgin Atlantic operations to Heathrow signal a competition between the air hose and British Airways. Amongst the competition between both air hoses was the celebrated libel mulct of ?500,000 and ?110,000 in 1993, that was awarded out of tribunal to Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic every bit good as ?3million tribunal charge against British Airways for its “ soiled fast ones ” run on Richard Branson and his air hose ( Web 6 ) .Subsequently in June 2006, and British Airways was fined ?271 million as a consequence of a tip-off from Virgin Atlantic after probe by the US and the British office of just trading for alleged price-fixing between both air hoses ( Web 7 ) .

Agreement and Co-operation with Other Airlines

Despite Virgin Atlantic ferocious competition with British Airways, the air hose do spouses and codeshare understandings with other air hose in the universe viz. ; South Africa Airways, Air China, Cyprus Airways, Flybe, Gulf Air, Scandinavian Airlines, US Airways, Malaysian Airways etc. in order to distribute its range across the universe ( Web 8 ) ( Web 9 ) .

Service and Innovation

Virgin Atlantic has been a innovator in services and invention in the air power industry through its debut assorted services and engineering that are used to separate itself from other air hoses in the in Industry. It operates three-classes ( Economy, Premium Economy and Upper Class ) of travel in order to provide for the demands of its riders. The Economy category is the standard category and it provide among other installations such as free repasts, drinks and lumbar support for its riders.

The Premium Economy category provide clients with a wider place holding more leg room, precedence embarkation every bit good as separate cheque in country from the economic system category riders ( Web 10 ) .The Upper Class provide the riders with first category services runing from larger bill of fare and in-flight saloon. It is besides equipped with the biggest to the full fitted flatbed compared to any other air hose concern category services. Virgin Atlantic aeroplanes besides are equipped with the province of the art In- flight amusement system, that provide amusement to all its riders in order to guarantee that they have a memorable clip while winging the air hose and keep their trueness them.

Chapter TWO


The purpose of any service concern organisation is to make goods and services that are of high quality, measure and cost efficient in order to fulfill the consumers ‘ demands. This can be achieved by guaranting that elaborate attending is devoted in the planning and control of twenty-four hours today running of the concern, design of merchandises and making a competent processes for employees to work.

Operation direction covers all these indispensable maps from the top degree direction to the immediate control of operations in the concern.Operationss direction harmonizing to Nigel Slack et Al. ( 2010 ) is defined as the activity of pull offing the resources which produce and present merchandises and services. This system of direction relates to the map of any organisation responsible for the design, planning and control of resources for the proviso of goods and services ( David R.

B and Paul L.F, 2010 ) .

Operation Management Model

Beginning: Operations Management, 6th edition, Nigel Slack et Al ( 2010, p.25 )

The Evolution of Operation Managements

The history of Operations direction can be traced to different undertakings in the development of human history from the building of Egyptian pyramid to the edifice of the Great Wall of China and the industrial revolution that began in England in the eighteenth century. Before the industrial revolution, production of goods and services are made through usage made merchandises. But as machines were invented, there was an addition in the mill system thereby taking to the specialisation of labor as proclaimed by Adam Smith in 1776 in ‘The Wealth of Nations ‘ which emphasize the benefit of interrupting down production activities to smaller parts and assigned to single worker through the fabrication procedure. This ensures an addition in the production of goods and services through specialisation as opposed to the bungalow system of fabrication for single demands of the consumer.By the mid 19 century, most bungalow industries were being replaced by mills which expanded to urban work force with effectual communicating thereby paving manner for the great end product detonation of the 20 century ( David R.

B and Paul L.F, 2010 ) .A figure of techniques were subsequently introduced during this period among which is the scientific direction rule developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor ( 1856-1915 ) ( Taylor, 1911 ) , that was used for the creative activity mill Ford Rouge works in which mechanized assembly lines, specialized labor, mass production and interchangeable parts were featured. But with the major surveies in the relationship between end product production and human motive by Maslow ( 1943 ) and Herzberg ( 1966 ) , the kernel of developing a societal every bit good as a proficient system for industry procedures.

The growing in the Asiatic economic coupled with new fabricating procedures such as Just-in-Time ( JIT ) rule and Thin Operationss in the 1960 ‘s brings a different position to quality and design direction thereby doing concerns to better on their merchandise bringing. Wickham. S ( 1985 ) and Terry ( 1985 ) besides emphasized this in their surveies by acknowledging that the position that techniques and systems are non the most of import portion of operation direction but taking a more balanced strategic position of direction operations.

As a consequence concern fight depends non merely on low degree, limited impact system of operation but on a broader direction operational position ( David R.B and Paul L.F, 2010 ) .

Chapter 3


The operation of every concern is affected by several internal and external factors which determine the growing and endurance of a concern administration. These factors can analysed by looking at the environment in which a concern operates otherwise called Environmental Scanning or Macro environment. Macro environment refers to the clients, markets, industries and rivals which an organisation interact with during their concern operations.

These factors are outside the control of an administration and indirectly impact its activities.Kroon ( 1995 ) defined environmental scanning as ‘the survey and reading of the political, economic, societal and technological events and tendencies which influence a concern, an industry or even a entire market ‘ . Based on this definition, Macro environment can be analysed by six factors or cleavage called PESTEL which is Political.Economical, Social, Technological and Environmental and Legal factors. These are in changeless alteration and organisations must specify schemes to run into up with the alterations.

Holloway ( 2004 ) stated that macro concern environment is capable to uninterrupted alterations and in order for the concern to last, it must larn to accommodate to these alterations.The Political and Legal factors such as authorities policies and statute laws affect the manner of operation of every concern. This factor can embrace political stableness and favorable statute laws such as revenue enhancement grants which encourage and promote the operation of concern. Since Virgin Atlantic operate flights to different states from the United Kingdom, the political environment in which it operates play a long manner in the finding its success. The political determination of get rid ofing the Traffic Distribution Rules enables the air hose to spread out its operation flights and increase gross for the company. Furthermore, states of high political instability in Africa and Asia have a negative impact on the air hose because the touristry possible reduces as a consequence of less people winging to these states.The Economic factors are important in finding the operation direction of Virgin Atlantic in the cordial reception industry.

The factors such as rising prices rate, recession, passing power, deflation find the function of Virgin Atlantic in the cordial reception industry. The recent recession every bit good as the euro zone crisis has profoundly affected the touristry and cordial reception industry with less people going on vacations due to occupation cuts and, high rising prices rate and redundancies have lead a decrease of flights of Virgin Atlantic thereby impacting its net income.Furthermore, deregulating of the air hose industry has created an avenue for Virgin Atlantic to cut down to cut down air hose menus. Although financially distressed air hoses have cut menus to hike operational net income, Virgin Atlantic operates different inducements for their clients such as price reduction for senior citizens in the society every bit good as group travelers in order to remain in front of their rivals.Social and Environmental factors play a great function in the touristry and cordial reception industries because the society demands the services that are rendered by the air hose industry. Virgin Atlantic strive in is staff enlisting to use people that care about the clients and supply their best for the clients by conveying their single personalities to work while holding merriment at the same clip (, 2011 ) .Consequently, as portion of its corporate societal duties, Virgin Atlantic allows trained pets that accompanied disable people on its flights every bit good as supplying aid to unaccompanied kids to go.

It besides offers its clients complementary limousine choice up and supply in-flight beauty intervention for its concern economic system riders.The committedness of Virgin Atlantic to cut down its environmental impacts of its operations was extremely lauded by the authorities for presenting biofuel in to some of its aircrafts in order to cut down emanations to the environment. It has besides introduces recycling programme on board of all its aircraft as good company ‘s office in order to cut down the sum of waste generated and go a witting and cost effectual administration (,2011 ) .

Technological factors are of import in the proviso of extremely effectual and accident free operation in the cordial reception industry. Virgin Atlantic Airways believes in the function of engineering in bettering services and guaranting that safety of its staffs and riders. It has been able to carry through this by guaranting that it acquires new technological advanced aircrafts in order to better the operation direction and safety of the air hose.

Since winging is an extremely unsafe operation if effectual cheques are non carried on aeroplanes, Virgin Atlantic have applied scientists that are extremely trained have been researching to better safety and security of air hoses. They besides introduce engineerings in-flight amusement to entertain the riders while waiting for reaching every bit good while going on their flights.


The micro analysis factors influence the operation of any concern administration. These factors straight affect the operation of an organisation and can alter in order to aline with administration vision and ends.

The micro economic factors that affect the operations of Virgin Atlantic in the cordial reception concern are ; Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Competitors and Shareholders.The clients are the chief subscriber to the endurance of any concern because they contribute to the gross in which the concern operation is being run. Virgin Atlantic take uttermost attention in supplying a 2nd to cognize service for its legion clients, based on the original doctrine of Richard Branson, which is “ to offer the best possible service to its clients while presenting the best possible value. Peoples besides regard Virgin Atlantic as a typical, fun-loving and extremely advanced trade name and one that is admired for its friendliness, intelligence and unity ” (, 2011 ) .It besides try to retain the backing of all its clients by runing frequent circular inducements such as the winging nine where points accumulated from old flights can be redeem subsequently for free flights in the company. The debut of in-flights amusements on all is flights is besides a gambit to do winging experience with Virgin Atlantic a memorable one.The Virgin Atlantic employees are the assets of the administration that project the values and civilization of the administration to the outside universe.

As a consequence of their importance to the ends and vision of Virgin Atlantic, serious accents are placed in the enlisting of staffs that care about clients and convey their single personalities to work in the company. It provide fringe benefits for its clients in signifier of staffs flight price reduction, first-class retirement benefit every bit good as good wellness attention entitlement while working for the company.The chief providers to Virgin Atlantic air hoses are Airbus and Boeing ; aircraft makers. They play a important function in the operation of the air hose by supplying dependable and province of the humanistic disciplines airplanes the company. There are other companies that contribute to the successful operation of the air hose such as Fuel companies that supply fuel for the operation of the aeroplanes, airdromes staffs that direction the successful taking off and landing of the aeroplanes, IT companies such as Del, IBM, CSC etc, that provide the hardware and package for the administrative activities of the company. Virgin Atlantic must work harmoniously with all these companies in order to hold successful operation direction.

Since the air hose industry is a extremely competitory industry different air hose devise methods and publicities to entice clients to their air hoses. The nucleus rival of Virgin Atlantic in the United Kingdom is British Airways. There have been several legal every bit good industrial differences between both air hoses in order to lure clients from each other. Since the decrease in authorities influence on the air power industry in the United Kingdom, there have been intense completions between air hoses to supply services that are better than its challengers. The nucleus services provided by Virgin Atlantic which differentiate it from rivals are advanced engineerings as good inexpensive and low-cost flight tickets in relation to its challengers.The stockholders of any concern administration are the 1s that provide the capital for the operation of the concern. As a consequence of this fact, their involvement in guaranting that the concern runs successfully in order to bring forth net income is really of import. Virgin Atlantic is owned by Richard Branson ( 51 % ) and Singapore Airlines ( 49 % ) which form a planetary partnership and increase their operation capital for effectual operation and to stay completive in the air hose industry.


All concerns must measure and measure their places in footings of where they are at the present and where want to be in future. In order to make this, the SWOT Analysis is carried out whish focal point on the company ‘s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities every bit good as Menace it faces in relation to its operation and endurance.


The strengths of any administration are toe positive advantages that it possess in relation to other administrations. The strengths of Virgin Atlantic are ;Advanced and comprehensive services: Virgin Atlantic has advanced and comprehensive client services which are designed to run into the of all time increasing demands of their clients. The company ‘s rider services unit arranges check-in installations, luggage handling, repast catering, and in-flight amusement. It besides provide work in association with particular aid section unit to supply clients with particular travel demands such as mobility AIDSs, particular repasts, wellness cantonments at goings and reachings ( Datamonitor, 2011 ) .

Association with Singapore Airline: Virgin Atlantic association with Singapore air hoses has been extremely good to the clients of both air hoses which enable them to book their flights through both companies. This association besides enables virgin Atlantic to tap into the extremely moneymaking Asiatic states thereby increasing gross for the company every bit good as better services for the staffs and clients.


Small Size: The evident little size of Virgin Atlantic in relation to other large participants in the air power industry makes it hard to vie reasonably in the air power industry. British Airways and Air France operates flights to about 300 and 244 finishs in the universe in comparing to Virgin Atlantic that operates to merely 30 finishs in the universe.

Virgin Atlantic besides 38 aircrafts compared to the British air passages and Air France with 238 and 558 severally which besides limit their fight.Monetary value Repairing Allegations: The Office for just Trading ( OFT ) found Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific guilty of monetary value repairing allegations after a three-year probe. They were repairing the monetary value for flights between London to Hong Kong path and were probably to confront a terrible punishment of about ?250 million.

Allegations of this type of nature can badly dent trade name image and do clients to lose religion in the company for supplying competitory monetary value for its services.


Addition in the Global Freight sector: The International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) forecasted that air power will manage 38 million metric tons of air lading in 2014, up 12.5 million metric tons from the 26 million metric tons carried in 2009. International cargo volumes are expected to turn at a CAGR of 8.2 % over the prognosis period ( Data proctor, 2011 ) .As a consequence of this assuring prognosis from IATA, which most of the activities happening in the Asia Pacific paths, Virgin Atlantic will profit significantly through its association with Singapore Airline.Positive mentality of the Airline market: As a consequence of the Olympics coming up in the United Kingdom following twelvemonth, Virgin Atlantic will profit vastly in the transit of tourer every bit good as other participant to the United Kingdom for the games.

This will increase the gross for the company as a consequence of the outstanding place it plays in the United Kingdom air power industry.


Monetary value Dismissing from Rivals: The of all time increasing price reduction pricing in the domestic market by close rivals a such as BMI, Ryan Air, British Airways, Air France etc. , has made it progressively hard made for Virgin Atlantic to hold stable pricing construction thereby doing it highly hard for the domestic operations to be profitable.

Consequently, the addition in the size of air hoses path system have significantly increase the competition between air hoses thereby impacting the profitableness every bit good as impacting on their operation ‘s.Natural Catastrophe: The Volcanic eruption of Mount Eyjafjallajokul in 2010, created a immense dent in the operation of Virgin Atlantic. The ash from the volcanic eruption disrupts air travel operations across Europe, with flight being grounded several European states such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark and other Norse states. It was estimated that air hoses during this period lost 100s of 1000000s of lbs due to flights cancellation caused by the volcanic ash. This state of affairs badly affected the operation direction of Virgin Atlantic net income.

European Union ( EU ) Regulation: In 2005, an EU ordinance came into consequence for counterbalancing riders with valid ticket but which were denied get oning an aeroplane irrespective of the state of affairs. This jurisprudence besides imposes fixed compensation to riders for off flights except if the air hose can turn out that such cancellation is caused by extraordinary fortunes, such as conditions, air-traffic control delays or safety issues ( Datamonitor, 2011 ) .Subsequently, this jurisprudence makes it to the privilege of the air hoses to supply repasts, drinks, and adjustment every bit good as telephone calls for clients if delayed overnight. The overall disbursals created by this jurisprudence made impacted on the operational profitableness of air hoses in which Virgin Atlantic were one of the casualties.Jet Fuel Cost: Since the air hose operation depend on the jet fuel, the instability the fuel monetary values has significantly affected the operations of Virgin Atlantic. The volatile monetary value of jet fuel exacerbated by the political rebellion in the Middle East has impacted on the profitableness of border of Virgin Atlantic in its operations as consequence of high cost of purchasing the fuel for the aircrafts.

Chapter FOUR


After the SWOT analyses of Virgin Atlantic, it is imperative to take a deeper expression into the current aim of the company in relation to its hereafter programs. The current aim of any organisation must aline with its vision which is reflected in the administration ‘s mission statement. The mission statement of Virgin Atlantic is “ To turn a profitable air hose, that people love to wing and where people love to work ” (, 2012 ) .As consequence of this statement, the operation direction of the administration was designed to provide for the demands of its clients by supplying the best service while presenting it in the best possible values. It besides ensures that its workers non merely work for the administration but derive tremendous pride, merriment and sense of wellbeing in the class of their services to the clients.

Furthermore, in-line with socially and corporate duty of Virgin Atlantic, introduced a broad scope of environmental enterprise that are meant to cut down the sum of waste generated in the company. These enterprises involves the recycling of all waste such as plastic spectacless, peddling cups, documents aluminum tins which are collected and recycled in order to raise money for the assorted charity administrations the company supports.Virgin Atlantic is besides a trail sport jacket in the technological invention by volunteering one of its Boeings 747 for the trial of bio-fuels in operating air hoses with the hope of cut downing the dependence of air hoses on jet fuel.

As a consequence of the enterprise, the company intends to utilize biofuels composed of algae as a portion addendum to the jet fuel in its flight operations ( Airline in first biofuel flight, 2008 ) .The future aim of Virgin Atlantic is to seek ways in order to be competitory in the United Kingdom air power after the tie-up understanding between British Airways and American Airlines ( Sir Richard Branson begins strategic reappraisal of Virgin Atlantic, 2011 ) .As a consequence of this, the company appointed Goldman Sachs to rede them about the possible attack from Air France-KLM and Delta Air Lines in order to re-align its concern for future challenges ( Virgin Atlantic Airways, 2011 ) .

Chapter 5


Harmonizing to Baines ( 2008 ) , selling scheme serves as the basic program and templet in which an administration commences its operations in order to accomplish its ends. The kernel of selling and communicating aims of any administration enables it to distinguish its merchandises and services from other related administrations.

Selling and communicating scheme enables Virgin Atlantic to analyze its chances and mark clients which it believe are relevant to short and long term ends every bit good as the aims of the administration. These schemes are achieved through assorted marketing mix i.e.

the monetary value, merchandise, topographic point and publicity which are used to pass on with their mark clients about the type of advanced merchandises which it offers.Virgin Atlantic offers advanced as good cost effectual merchandises in order to guarantee that their clients ‘ backing is ensured. These are done by implementing several schemes in the short, medium and long term aims of the administration. There are broad scopes of selling and communicating schemes used by the administration in the signifier of advertisement through the magazines, imperativeness and other publicities in order rise consciousness of the virgin trade name and encourage clients to sponsor the trade name.The scheme of the administration involves of the usage of several media such as magazines, Television, electronic mails and postings in order familiarize and raise consciousness of their new merchandises and services. The Virgin Atlantic web site was designed to ease effectual communicating for its clients and do usage of theirs penchants to plan merchandises and services that are tailored specifically for their demands.

The company besides offers broad scope of inducements such as price reduction tickets during the low gross revenues seasons every bit good offering household trips and other societal events in order to help the organisation in run intoing their short, medium and long term aims.


The purpose of puting up every company is for the coevals of income. In order to last the of all time competitory concern environment, income coevals can be achieved through selling, advertisement and other inducements in order to construct the trueness of their clients and heighten a buying relationship. Brand trueness harmonizing to Hudson Horizon web log ( 2012 ) stated that a client will take a peculiar merchandise over another cheaper or better quality merchandise of a rival rival because of their committedness to a trade name.Virgin Atlantic was established to supply a high quality sits services by services at a lower competitory monetary value and offering fringe benefits such as in-flights amusement, massages, manicures, limousines chauffeur services etc in order to retain its clients ‘ trueness to its trade name. Brand trueness is non an property that be acquired in few yearss or minutess, but it should be a permanent bequest that should be built in the head of clients by puting in more edged border engineering and inventions which will separate the company from its challengers.

It is a well-known fact Virgin Atlantic pride itself in offering long-haul high quality and monetary value competitory flights to the United States, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean states, it should endeavour to make further and operates flights to more Africa states where its services and backing can be appreciated thereby increasing income coevals for the companyFurthermore, Virgin Atlantic should besides diversify its services by re-strategising and offering more short-haul flights within the United Kingdom alternatively of the long-haul flights in which the company soon operates. This will constantly increase the income coevals of the company and create competition among other short draw flights air hoses to better their services and supply more pick for their loyal clients.Consequently, Virgin Atlantic should besides endeavour to increase their engagement in the sponsorship of featuring events such as football and other featuring events in order to increase their public relation profile which will decidedly increase the backing of the fans that go to these assorted events every bit good as addition the consciousness of the Virgin Atlantic trade name.Finally, the attending to item in which Richard Branson is noted for can be enhanced if the company can guarantee that it recruits more hospital professionals who can raise the profile of the services that is being rendered by the company and create advanced but cost effectual services to the assorted clients that patronize the company.


The importance of client service in any concern can ne’er be over emphatic if a company is to stay relevant in the of all time competitory air power industry. The planetary economic recession has made the competition among air hose companies really fierce due to the lessening in planetary air power backing. As a consequence, many organisations now embark on monolithic selling and advertisement activities about their services in other to stay relevant in the industry. Customers ‘ outlooks and satisfaction degree of all these companies has been raised due to all these factors thereby guaranting that companies that can excel the advertised services retain and pull more clients while those with less satisfactory clients will lose out.Virgin Atlantic in-line with their ethos of turning a profitable air hose in which people love to work and wing, endeavor in supplying high degree of client service to its clients. They operate a extremely efficient ailments system for their clients in which all ailments are treated earnestly with subsequent feedback to the client. Flights cancellation due to inevitable fortunes are treated with the extreme efficiency by pass oning with their clients on information on how to claim refund, rebook their flights and other aid which will do less nerve-racking for the clients.

Furthermore, the issue of lost or damage luggage that usually occur in the air power industry are treated with pressing and efficient mode in order to relief the emphasis of their clients.Consequently, when bulk of companies in the United Kingdom are outsourcing their client service section to China and India in order to salvage money, Virgin Atlantic are non following this tendency but remain and expand their base in metropoliss such as Swansea ( BBC News, 2010 ) in order to keep the high degree of service it renders and making more occupations in the procedure.As a consequence of these high focused client service procedure, Virgin Atlantic has received legion regards from their clients for traveling the excess stat mi in presenting a universe category client service from the point they book their flights to the point they eventually arrived as their finishs. In a of canvass of 24,000 people conducted by the institute of client service in 2009, Virgin Atlantic came in front of British Airways and the Eurotunnel for its quality of client service ( Penny,2009 ) .

After the analysis of the of Virgin Atlantic present client service, there are recommendations that I think if applied will better the present criterion of the company ‘s client service. Some of these recommendations include bettering the quality of nutrient on its flight which has in most instance faced unfavorable judgments from clients ensuing in their displeasure which might sabotage all the good client service attack being undertaken by the company.Consequently, the company should guarantee that the preparation and development of its staffs should be good structured and a uninterrupted activity in order to be able to run into up with the of all time altering demands and demands of its legion clients. By making this, staffs and direction will be able to place the alterations in their client behavior in order to aline their services towards these alterations.Virgin Atlantic should besides guarantee that they implement a market cleavage of their clients in order to understand their of all time altering demands. This can be done by transporting out a study of the clients ‘ behavourial demands which can so be used in the preparation and development of their staffs.


The allotment of limited available resources to accomplish maximal ends and benefit in any concern, involves the devising of picks and puting precedences on how the resources will be allocated among several viing demands of the concern.

An of import tool of accomplishing this is by the usage of the Cost Benefit Analysis ( CBA ) .CBA is a technique used in measuring the pecuniary societal cost and benefits of a capital investing over a peculiar period of clip ( Geoff Riley, 2006 ) .This technique looks at the pecuniary value of benefits derive from a undertaking in comparing to the undertaking entire cost.Cost benefit analysis can be seen to be employed by Virgin Atlantic in the deployment of a new fuel direction system which is aimed to salvage ?20m and 92,000 metric tons of C dioxide per twelvemonth in fuel efficient nest eggs ( CIO, 2012 ) .The Fuel direction system is being introduced in line with the “ Change in the Air ” sustainability programme that is aimed in cut downing C pes prints every bit good as presenting a considerable cost benefit in fuel use which is high. The system collects 300 points of informations in the operation of each flight and proctors the use of fuel in the reaching, holds, pilot techniques and keeping form on all flights ( Computerworld, 2012 ) .Virgin Atlantic estimations that after the deployment of the system, it hopes to salvage 1.4 metric tons of fuel per flight, which constantly leads to a economy of 3.

15 metric tons of C dioxide per each metric ton of fuel used in its operation. This now equates to 4.41 metric tons saved per flight and if multiplied by the 21,000 flights the organisation operates in a twelvemonth, so 92,610 metric tons of CO2 will be saved through the system ( Computerworld, 2012 ) .This system will travel a long manner in fuel efficiency and C decrease in the environment thereby foregrounding the importance of the C friendly initiatives being carried out by the company.


The continued being of any organisation depends on the current scheme adopted in order to better the quality of its services and the hereafter ends and aspiration of the organisation.Virgin Atlantic current patterns involve the acceptance of a scheme in distinguishing its merchandises and services from its rivals by concentrating on advanced engineering and services which represents the trademark of its operation.

Among the services being offered by Virgin Atlantic involves the debut of in-flight amusement system across all categories of riders, use of Mobile and SMS engineering on its flights and the proviso of free flights that can be exchanged for the accrued stat mis from their winging nine members.Consequently, Virgin Atlantic has initiated a publicity worth $ 25million for advanced thoughts that can be used to cut down the nursery gases from the ambiance ( Ivy thesis, 2011 ) .As a consequence of this enterprise and other programs to stay competitory and conflict the clime alterations issues from now till 2020, Virgin Atlantic has drawn out programs such as puting in energy efficient aircraft that can cut down emanations by 30 % by the 2020.It besides program to take unneeded weight on-board aircraft and recycle at least 50 % of its waste from 2012.Furthermore, the proviso of high quality fair-trade tea and java on all its aircraft have besides been made mandatary from 2013 in order to guarantee the husbandmans in 3rd universe states are good compensated for their perspiration and guarantee that noise degree of all aircraft are considerable cut down before 2020 ( Ivy thesis,2011 ) .Finally, since corporate societal duty is portion of the ethos of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson has promised to put future net incomes from the research of bio-fuels and its development into the extension of efficient in cost effectual air power industry in the 3rd universe.

Chapter 6


Virgin Atlantic as an advanced leader in the air power industry strives to stay competitory by presenting high quality service to its legion clients by using cost effectual schemes every bit good advanced engineerings in its operations. It is really of import that Virgin Atlantic seek more strategic confederation with other operators in the industry because nucleus competency is non plenty in service bringing and prolonging competitory advantage. By fall ining one of the three large confederations ( One universe, Sky squad and Star Alliance ) in which its rivals are members, it can cut down the cost in its value concatenation activities.