The history book which Winston reads in Part

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.- George OrwellThe main character of 1984 Winston Smith, Works  for the Ministry of truth.the Ministry of truth is one of the 4 ministries depicted in Georg Orwell’s novel.Its purpose is to both control the flow and content of information, removing any aspects which negatively portrays the party. and to rewrite History so that the government are always seen in a good light and can never do anything wrong.Winston’s job at the ministry is to rewrite old newspaper stories to align with whatever is the so-called “truth” An example of this being done is in Part 1 chapter 4 ,when Winston is tasked to erases a “pledge” made by the Ministry of plenty stating that the current chocolate ration would not be reduced. In its place, he writes that the ration will have to be reduced “sometime in April”After a original copy of a historian record is rewritten they are deposited into what’s called a “memory hole.” All documents placed in the memory holes are then transported to an incinerator from which “not even the ash remains”.Another example of the Party rewriting history is from a children’s history book which Winston reads in Part 1, Chapter 7 “In the old days (it ran), before the glorious Revolution, London was not the beautiful city that we know today. It was a dark, dirty, miserable place where hardly anybody had enough to eat and where hundreds and thousands of poor people had no boots on their feet and not even a roof to sleep under.” Etc.2 CensorshipNewspeak, the language spoken in OceanaNewspeak is very limited in its vocabulary and its grammar. A conscious decision made by the state in order to hinder ones ability of self expression, and free will.Holding unspoken believes In part 1 Chapter 5. Page 23 Winston’s friend Syme is quoted saying “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” Not only dose this quote clarify the intended use for newspeak, It also displays the extreme extent to which people go stay loyal to the government.The people have been so blinded that they in part 1. Chapter 5 30Hermeneutical injusticewhere the government not only tries to restrict peoples access to what they condemn as harmful knowledge,but also remove the availability of the linguistics necessary in order to achieve that knowledge that mused be used in order to Its goal is to shrink the pool of human knowledge in order limit the number of thoughts that people can use to challenge the government and thereby liberate themselves.Ineffable Multiple times throughout the story , the party slogan: “Who control the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” The person who controls what words we can use in order to express our self, controls what we will inevitably end up expressing.the resources needed in order toNo words for describing feeling,3 Names and wordsThe Ministry of TruthNews, entertainment, educationThis ministry focuses on the bending of the past trough destroying and  rebuilding it. This would be considered lying but, what the party claims is the truth ends up becoming the truth.The Ministry of TruthWar,Handles all military affairs and keep Oceania updated on who they are/have always been att war with.The Ministry of TruthLaw and orderPractices the infliction of misery fear and torture, But its ultimate purpose is to instill love of Big Brother on the mind of thought criminals to make them “perfect*The Ministry of TruthEconomic affairsMaintaing a state of constant poverty. And handles rations. But the purpose is to convince the populance they they are living in a state of poverty The use of the names Typical for newspeak, because they Frequent Contains both an idea and its opposite. Whilst still maintain The strong belief that Big Brother dose what’s best for the people leads to people being mislead into Torture The False dogmaKnowing the premises: 2+2 But ignoring ones deductive reasoning and instead use ones natural instinct (Brain washed) thereby coming to the conclusion that the answers is 5. (Instead of 4)1 Double ThinkingDouble thinking is the act of simultaneously having two different contradicting believes, ignoring logical believing both  be soundDouble thinking is the act of holding two different contradicting believes simultaneously. Something only achievable by silencing ones natural cognitive ability of make rational decisions. either consciously or unconsciously.By doing this the person eliminating any possible cognitive dissonance that one normally might experience. The reason to why double thinking is such a part of newspeak The most iconic use of double thinking used throughout the book is the names of the 4 ministry’s the ministry of Love, the Ministry of Peace, the ministry of Plenty, and the ministry of TruthUpon hearing the 4 names, most would assume that for example the ministry of Truth concerns itself with as the name implies. Truth. But in fact its main purpose is to create Big Brother propaganda, and to counterfeit any historical event thought to be a threat towards Big Brother. Summarized: Lies  and at the same time believing them both to be sound.and at the same time believing that they are both correct.Or to summaries. having two premises that contradict eatchother The term double thinking was something invented by Gerog Owel, ut based on the on the pyscologial term Cognitive dissonance a word describing the effect Thought crimeEven though censoringif thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought”The art of communication is the language  of leadership” a quote