The Importance of a Good Book Report

Book report writing is a way to show how well you understood a book and to tell to the reader your thoughts about it. Many professors have their own rules about how a book report should be written like, but in general it is a written form of commentary and criticism. In such report, a book is thoroughly analyzed based on format, content, style, and merit. Book report writing is very similar to the book review. The difference only is the book report more descriptive and explain in details what is a book written about, meanwhile book review is mostly making emphasis on the facts why the reader should read some specific book. Such assignments can represent your opinion, a summarized review or scholarly revision.

When you are asked to write a book report, your main task is to explain the topical details about the author and the plot of the story. This information sets a background so that whoever is reading the report will have an understanding of the author’s perspective. After the background material is given, the student is then expected to summarize the story. Students include specifications like the setting, plot, climax, and relevant characters so that the report is clear enough to the reader. Some professors may also ask for specific themes and symbols, but in most cases, the book report summarizes the relevant details of the story.
This assignment’s length may vary from a single paragraph to a multi-part essay. Such report may even go further than critical analysis and evaluate the book on the personal basis. These assignments are usually very time consuming and difficult to do as well.

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How to write a book report?

Many of students are concerned about the book report writing and do not know where they should start. The thing what you should do first is write an introduction. Your introduction should include an author’s name and book title, as well as amount of pages, year when the book has been published, the genre and the company which published a book. Make your introduction short and keep it among one to two sentences.

Once you done with introduction, you may move on to the main body. Book report’s body writing should include two main parts. First one is explaining to a reader the book in details, explaining what it is about and giving its overview. Meanwhile, the second part is providing your personal opinion on the book. Keep in mind that you need to disclose the thesis, so reader can clearly understand it. Make an emphasis on the book arguments, main points and conclusion. Write a descriptive overview where you will highlight the most important chapters of a book. Evaluate, analyze or critique the book. You may discuss whether the writer purpose is clear and successfully achieved, whether writing style is perfect or not, whether book is well-written or poor, its strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the book reports may require you to talk about writer’s competence on writing in specific genre, about writer’s qualification. In most book reports a student should give an overall response to the book. Here you will need to say about how interesting book was for you and whether you will recommend it to other people. Pay an extra attention to the fact that in each book report writing you need to explain and support your opinion, as well as your personal position regarding to the author’s conclusion and arguments. Write a conclusion and proofread your paper. During conclusion writing you should summarize your report and explain your thoughts, bring your point of view to the reader. Last – proofread your paper! Make sure that you do not have any misspellings, all sentences are well organized and no grammar mistakes are having place to be. Give your paper to a friend or to the family so they can read it and point you at some parts which possibly can be improved.

Remember, you should not skip any part of the book in order to write perfect report! Books like “Les Miserables” and “War and Peace” have about 1,500 pages! Such books require a lot of time, patience and understanding to go through. In most cases, students have a very busy life and they cannot keep up with the task of reading such lengthy novels. Many will try to skip parts or dismiss reading the book altogether, but that will only cause more problems when writing the report.

In many cases, students may not be able to submit high quality reports simply because they skipped chapter of a book which was very important and had thesis inside. Many students have submitted mediocre quality book reports due to these issues. Such reports will only go on to hamper their performance. Many professors place a high emphasis on such assignments and as a result, these reports have a heavy value when it comes to deciding an overall grade. A poor report can degrade a student and leave a bad impression on the professor.

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