The importance of Documentation in professional engineering

Documentation Is documents with Information, provided on paper or other material for people to read to transit certain information from one person to another. Such as tenders, instruction books, on-line helps. Discussion Every people access documentation commonly in life, teaching, studying, marketing, requiring. As for professional engineers, documentations are also used in every part of solving a problem.First when engineers come in to a problem there will be a description about the problem. At that time, engineers will come up with a requirement to demonstrate what this problem is asking so they can share the problem with others and get help. Later there will be an Idea about how to solve it.

Engineers will then draw blueprints or write down some artless which can transform a confusing Idea to a clear graph or statement for others to understand the Idea and work together to solve It.After engineers built a device, there will be an Instruction book to explain how It works and the particular problem It Is designed for, makes easier for other to understand, use and flu it. Some may also have a warning book to Tate the danger in the device or during the using of the device, and help people who comes to fix the device to avoid injure. Some of the problems may be very commonly present in daily life or very basic for certain people, there will be books that contain useful solutions and knowledge for other people. These documentation can be used in teaching and helping others.Engineers do some times travel through other technical fields that they are not expert in, that is a good time to seek for documentation created by other for help, to learn new knowledge and solve the problem they face. During the steps, there will be experiments. Engineers will record the time, procedure and results down, that’s also a kind of documentation.

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The records will clearly state the time, process and results of each phrase of the experiment for further studies and experiments. And If there Is anything wrong, It can be easily found.With all there documentations, knowledge can be taught and learned for generations after generations.

As technology is developing, documentations is no longer limited on paper anymore, nowadays the internet is another famous source for documentations. Google and Yahoo are two wildly used search engine that can search for almost any information needed for problems engineers come across. Engineers now share and get information via internet more efficiently and word-wildly. On-line helps can be easily found.

But the documentation on internet Is not very trustful nor accurate.So engineers need to go through the documentation carefully. Also the problem of Intellectual property’s belonging Is getting larger. When people access documentation, Intellectual property requires attention. Intellectual property Is used to protect the Inventors of certain Idea.

Engineers spend time to come up with an idea and it’s their intellectual property, copyright. Copyright is a set of exclusive rights for authors/creators to protect against unauthorized use, protects the form or way an idea or information is expressed not the idea or information itself.Referencing is a clear state about where the idea in a documentation comes from. Another right is patent. A paten is a right granted for any device, substance, method or process new, inventive and useful is legally enforceable exclusive right to commercially exploit the invention which is not automatic, the inventor must apply for a patent to obtain exclusive rights.

The design of a device is also an intellectual property. One engineer can’t copy another one’s work and claim it’s his idea. Documentations are very necessary in professional engineering, it surrounded every step of engineering.But it also need to be used carefully. Engineers need to make sure the information in the documentations is correct and state the reference for intellectual property. With the right information and referencing the steps can be clearly stated and the correct knowledge can be taught and pass on. Summary Documentations are used in every part of solving a problem, such as tenders when there is an idea need to be done, instruction-books when there is a solution, and on- nine helps for helping others who comes in to the same problem.

Engineers need documentations to transfer their confusing ideas to a clear, easily understand graph or statements to share the problems they have, the solutions they come up with and the function of the device they invented. Documentation also need to be used carefully as for the intellectual property.