The Importance Of Thai Tourism Tourism Essay

The intent of this paper is to research the importance of place stay adjustment to Thai touristry. The first concern of this paper is to place the definition of place stay, place the group of clients who like to utilize place stay adjustment in Thailand and besides detect the activities that prove to be attractive to them. The 2nd concern of this paper is that the development and enlargement of a place stay finish should take to advantages such as an addition in local income and employment chances. On the other manus, when excessively many tourers come to an good country it can hold an inauspicious consequence on the balance of natural ecology. For illustration, two topographic points, viz.

“ Pai in Mae Hong Son state ” , one of the most popular place stay finishs in the North which is over developed, and “ Chiang Khan in Loei state ” , a development place stay finish in the nor’-east of Thailand. Some people said that Chiang Khan is Pai of the yesteryear. Within Pai itself, there is a motion to defy against the surpluss that has spoilt Pai and destroyed its peaceable rural character that had drawn people to it in the first topographic point.Thailand is a underdeveloped state that attempts to turn and touristry is an industry that can significantly assist excite economic growing.

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Consequently, when place stay touristry improves, it will spread out the power of supply and assist pull more tourers. Therefore, sustainable development is the better manner to equilibrate the development and maintain the original character. Logically, the more travel finishs developed, the more tourers will come and the more money the state will gain.Keywords: Home stay, Thailand, Sustainable developmentIntroductionTourism makes a major part to Thailand ‘s economic system.

Most tourers come to Thailand for assorted grounds — largely for the beaches and relaxation. The friendly, easy-going ways of the Thai people besides proves a draw to most tourers, every bit good as the rich Thai civilization, imposts and history. The new selling motto which was adopted in mid 2009, “ Amazing Thailand, Amazing Value ” , and the authorities ‘s stimulation bundle besides seemed to hold helped change by reversal the downward tendency for the latter half of 2009 and for the present twelvemonth.Furthermore, presents, most people are concerned about the consequence of planetary heating and are returning to nature ; in another word “ Green ” has become a new motto for tourers. Not merely “ Green ” but besides “ Sustainable ” are the popular words more and more tourers are fanning out into the countryside to be closer to nature. Consequently, rural touristry makes usage of the countryside as a finish. It is a important sector of overall touristry market in many states. It will impact non merely the environment but besides the economic system and societal construction of the countryside.

The figure of activities that tourers participate in has grown. For illustration, agri-tourism ( agricultural, festivals and other cultural events ) , green touristry ( considered to be more environmentally friendly ) and ecotourism ( nature touristry ) . Home stay is a portion of rural touristry. In add-on, sustainable touristry development is synonymous with rural touristry. Nowadays, place stay touristry in Thailand has become really popular for both domestic and foreign tourers. Part of the ground may be due to the consequence of the universe economic crisis, with most tourers worrying about their budget and traveling in this sort of place stay touristry costs less. So, the Thai Government quickly develop Thai place stay to run into this new demand for economical bundles. But it can be a two-edged blade with both positive and negative sides.

Therefore, we must happen the right balance.

Definition of Home stay

Home stay is a signifier of touristry that allows the visitant to lease a room from a local household to remain and better larn the local life style and portion their civilization. It is comparable to the western construct of bed and breakfasts. A place stay belongings is a non-commercialized, private abode that accommodates paying guest ( s ) who enjoy remaining in the comfort and security of a household place.

In Thailand, the history of place stay began with pupils who were voluntaries for rural development cantonments and who stayed with the local people during the class of their cantonment. Then, National Economic and Social program 8th emphasized the development of communities and decentalisation to local countries and place stay had its first formal acknowledgment. The attractive force of place stay is the manner of life of the local people and natural attractive forces are non ever considered an indispensable portion. There are two types of place stay in Thailand which are the “ original ” and “ practical ” . In the original place stay construct, tourers stay with the host and unrecorded under the same conditions as the proprietor. In the practical place stay, conditions are improved for more physical comfort but the construct of an easy manner of life and alone civilization is non abandoned.However, the significance of place stay is engagement in community life in which local people manage activities together. The activities vary from topographic point to topographic point and harmonizing to seasonal fluctuations.

They may include Thai culinary, Thai massage, farm life etc. Furthermore, OTOP ( One tambon one merchandise ) is a construct whereby local people are encouraged to do local merchandises for sale to hike their income. The proprietors are encouraged to believe that each visitant is “ a invitee, non merely a tourer ” ( ) . They are a portion of the household. Home stay is merely another occupation for the place proprietor.

When tourers come he will widen them his welcome but he still retains his chief occupation such as fisherman or husbandman. The advantages of place stay are the local cognition that will be gained from the host, understanding the easy manner of life and see the natural kindness of the local people. Furthermore, the local people receive more income but they do non abandon their chief occupation.

In add-on, they portion the experience with the tourers, acquire more friends and the community can go strong. In the age of globalisation, many people live in a competitory universe so many people now want to research the easy life and a life of simple sufficiency as an alternate manner of life.An extra benefit of place stay adjustment is that most of the money earned goes to the grassroot local people, instead into a big pudding stone? The local place proprietors get most of the money paid by the tourers.

This has a more significant benefit to a community, instead that if a big hotel concatenation was to open a big hotel and simply employ local people as hotel staff. Most of the net incomes will so travel to the hotel concatenation, with most of it likely sent out of the state.The proprietor and adjustment should run into the criterion of place stay in Thailand. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has set 10 criterions and 31 indexs.10 criterions of place stay in Thailand ( )1.

Adjustment2. Food and nutrition3. Security4.

Kindness of the proprietor and members of the household5. Activity6. Environment7. Cultural8. Local merchandise9. Management of place stay10. Public relation of place stay

Demand for place stay in Thailand

The bulk of income in Thailand comes from agribusiness and touristry.

Income from touristry is important for the Thai economic system in footings of spread outing and stableness of the economic system. Tourism in Thailand caters both to domestic and foreign travellers. Nowadays, Thailand in faced with negative state of affairss which decreased the assurance of tourers from 2008 until now. “ TAT expects the figure of international tourers will turn at about 7 to 10 % to about 15.0 to 15.5 million in 2010 ” ( Tourism Authority of ) . The Bank of Thailand stated that “ there are 1.

6 million foreign tourers who traveled to Thailand in February 2010 ” which represented a bead from last twelvemonth. “ Domestic tourers were non peculiarly affected by the political state of affairs. It was more influenced by the economic lag and fluctuating oil monetary values in the first and 2nd quarters of 2009. Local travellers have changed their traveling wonts, are more witting of travel disbursals, and are be givening to see tourer finishs closer to place ” ( Tourism Authority of ) . The Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board predicted the economic system would turn at 3 to 4 % due to the planetary economic recovery and the authorities ‘s Thai Khem Khaeng ( ‘Stronger Thailand ‘ ) economic stimulation programme.

New tourer attractive forces and activities that reflect the civilization and manner of a peculiar part will besides be introduced. Therefore, the authorities supports and purposes at the recovery of the Thai touristry market through marketing runs viz. route shows to reconstruct the image of Thailand and promotional advertizements under the Amazing Thailand, Amazing Value construct.Home stay is one of the better finishs which has proved attractive to both international and domestic tourers. It is a portion of touristry in Thailand which continues to turn and gain income because it is set in rural countries far from the negative effects of political perturbations, is non expensive and brings visitants into close contact with nature. The tourers can loosen up among friendly local people. Therefore, the measuring and apprehension of the demand and supply for touristry is of import to overall touristry planning and direction. We will cognize overall image of the development, growing and value of touristry.

All tourist behaviour or activity consequences from motive. Motivation is the context of the demand for touristry.Motivations have both push and pull factors together. The push factors are socio-psychological motivations ( person-specific factors ) . The pull factors are motivations aroused by the finish ( destination-specific factors ) . Tourists who go to place stay finishs normally have both push and pull factors. They want to loosen up, be near to nature and portion cognition, which are push factors.

The pull factors are from the easy manner of life of the people, alone civilization and eco-friendliness. For illustration, a mini-farm is a magnet for tourers who travel with kids. Largely, domestic tourers normally go to place stay by auto because some topographic points are non far from urban centres such as Bangkok. It does non take excessively much clip to plunge oneself in relaxation, fresh air and flight from the complicated metropolis life. In contrast, international tourers largely are backpackers normally stay a long clip in place corsets because of inexpensive monetary values but besides because of the composure, relaxed life manner and the ability to research new experience.

Supply of the Home stay in Thailand

On the supply side, the development of place stay is go oning in Thailand. It is stimulated by the demand which comes from tourer demands.

Some people want more comfort, some want field, simple installations, others demand higher criterions. So, the local people work together toward the development of criterions for place stay installations in Thailand.Sometime, the popularity of a finish can take to mass touristry. Mass touristry is a state of affairs where a big figure of tourers go to one topographic point, sometime taking to an overload of local installations. This can take to farther development of conveyance and other public-service corporations until the easy manner of life disappears. Furthermore, it will adversely impact to the environment.

Pai in Mae Hong Son state and Chiang Khan in Loei state are illustrations of popular place stay finishs in Thailand that have been developed to different grades. One has already been spoilt and the other is defying against a inclination toward over development. Pai is a little territory in Mae Hong Son which was an ideal finish, being nestled in a little vale surrounded by mountains with cool conditions. It was a romantic topographic point with friendly people can rich civilization. Some people have referred to the small town as called Uto-Pai, miming the name Utopia of Sir Thomas More.

All this has made Pai really good known as caches of tourers are drawn to it. Material development followed and shortly the little small town of Pai had its ain air strip where tourers can get after a mere 25 proceedingss from Chiang Mai. Hotels and resorts besides sprang up in its aftermath. All these development had a negative consequence on the local dweller ; while they used to be wont to retiring to bed early after a difficult twenty-four hours ‘s work, they are now disturbed by loud music at amusement topographic points tardily at dark. “ Music festivals ” became hebdomadal events in the winter months. Some local people sold their land to capitalists and travel to the foothills for the interest of peace and quiet. These alterations reflect the fact that Pai is altering quickly in both positive and negative ways. In add-on, local kids are falling to enticements from the western ways of tourers.

Some local people said these development are more like impairment.Not merely Pai but Chiang Khan ( a territory on the bank of the Mekong river in Loei state ) , a comparatively recent place stay finish, is confronting similar jobs. The struggle between local people and authorities is looming. The authorities wants to develop the town to provide to more and more tourers, but many local people want to see a steady growing of Chiang Khan. They want Chiang Khan to be strong, to retain its rural qualities and command itself. They do non desire more bright visible radiations in Chiang Khan, do non desire to follow the modern tendency because tourers come and go quickly and make non remain a long clip. Nowadays, some of the local people in Chiang Khan are already shuting rank in a battle against quickly over development. They have formed a touristry association within which they discussed the jobs of Westernization and over development which has plagued Pai.

They have started a web site where every one is welcomed to add remarks. They are contending against bright visible radiations, loud music and weekend concerts that have combined to destruct Pai ‘s rural character. They want touristry in Chiang Khan to be sustainable. They do non desire Chiang Khan to hold luxury “ boutique hotels ” , modern saloon or franchise java store ironss. They want Chiang Khan to retain its rural character with an easy manner of life, place corsets based on original houses without luxuriant ornament, so when tourers come they will experience like they are the portion of the household and java is still hand-brewed traditional java. Some people said that Chiang Khan is Pai of the yesteryear. Therefore, before Chiang Khan alterations like Pai we must to assist each other.

Sustainable development of Home stay in Thailand

Tourism, if developed locally, can assist to ease the poorness job, cut down income disparity and accomplish a friendly environment every bit good as common prosperity. Tourism brings non merely benefits but besides costs and if non good managed may sabotage its sustainability in the long tally. In Thailand, touristry has a positive income bring forthing consequence but potentially worsening income distribution ( Mingsan Kaosa-ard 2006 ) . The best manner to equilibrate the development is through sustainable development in which every portion must work together.Sustainable Development is development that satisfies the client demands now but does non destruct tomorrow ‘s resources.

The Pareto Optimum provinces that no 1 can be made better off by doing person worse off ( ) .Customer demands lead to marketing research and stuff development. That is the selling procedure.

After that, planning and direction are indispensable for accomplishing successful touristry development.Sustainable Tourism Development emphasizes the direction of touristry industry must accommodate itself harmonizing to the altering face of the universe in term of sustainable form. There are three parametric quantities of sustainability which are economic ( good being ) , environment ( ecological balance ) and socio-cultural considerations ( Sense of community and security ) . For illustration, the development should makes more money while at the same clip hold a minimal consequence on the environment and social-cultural model.The key to sustainable touristry development is to educate communities so that they understand the negative impacts of mass touristry and the bound to the ecosystem ‘s carrying capacity, and to develop diversified tourer merchandises that can minimise the negative impact of mass touristry.For case, in France they have standard and label for adjustment which confirm the criterion and measure the criterion and quality every five old ages. The label is one of selling scheme which make good image of the merchandise.

Furthermore, they separate the demand equal in every countries and every portion works together. Those are the good illustration for the development of place stay which Thailand should accommodate for the development of place stay in Thailand.Amphawa drifting market ( Plai Pong Pag community ) is a good illustration of place stay in Thailand which supports many tourers every twelvemonth.

It affects the quality of life of the local people, while the quickly lifting figure of tourers has inescapably led to a impairment in the environment. Most of the place stay topographic points have non attained the criterion of place stay in Thailand even though this is the first community to establish the construct of place stay, but they have failed to run into the place stay criterions. Because some place stay have transformed their places so much that they became more like resorts and they do non fit the makings of the place stay standard. Home stay will acquire the criterion when they do non add more edifice and tourers must remain with the proprietor. Harmonizing to that job, National economic and societal program 9th stated that sustainable touristry in Thailand which wants to be a quality finish and ready in supply of touristry for support many tourers.We can convey cognition of France to Thailand ; non in its entireness but we can accommodate it. The authorities should hold an effectual and systemic program such as puting policies or Torahs for the community and supply for punishments for perpetrators. It is difficult for the authorities in Thailand to widen proper attention to the place stay concern in some communities because the local people worry about revenue enhancement and are non ever forthcoming with information for the authorities.

So, the authorities should set up an institute which can win the assurance of the local people and show the significance of the criterion and effectual direction to the local people.The negative impacts on Pai and Chiang Khan happened because of civilisation, but the impact on Amphawa was due to the ignorance of the local people. Therefore, the development is a two-edged blade that can hold both advantages and disadvantages if we are uneffective. The best solution is the cooperation of everybody, get downing with community engagement and the support of the authorities. The authorities decentralizes budgets to the community but continue to give proficient advices to the local people. After that, policies such as the bound on the figure of tourers will go on non merely to care for the environment but for the interest of tourers who do non desire to be in a topographic point crowded with other tourers ; they can loosen up and be closer to nature. Furthermore, the local people can take attention of all tourers like a portion of the household. Do non bury that sustainable development is the better manner of development and sustainable concern three things which are economic system, environment and besides socio-cultural parts.


In decision, touristry constitutes a major portion of the Thai economic system, embracing both domestic and international tourers. Home stay is an alternate signifier of touristry which is based in the rural country that tourists stay and unrecorded with the local people. They can portion the experience and civilization. In Thailand, place stay began with the pupil voluntary for rural development cantonments and after National economic and societal program 8th place stay was developed until now. The motives for travel place stay have both push and pull factors.

The push factors normally are for relaxation. Largely, domestic tourers go to place stay by auto and relax for two or three yearss, but international tourers frequently stay much longer. The pull factors normally are the easy manner of life, close contact with nature and fresh air. Material development is important for place stay because it has both positive and negative sides. Material development can assist pull tourers, although consideration must be given to suited signifiers of development that should non destruct the original attractive force of the topographic point. It is a good selling scheme to better the quality of place stay adjustment. The place stay criterions have been laid down in Thailand, but most of the place corsets in Thailand still do non run into them, such as in Amphawa. Furthermore, some topographic points such as Pai is overloaded with tourers while Chiang Khan is still seeking to defy this tendency toward over-development.

Pai and Chiang Khan show both advantages and disadvantages of stuff development. The solution for a balance is sustainability which centres on economic, environmental and socio-cultural considerations. France can be a good illustration for sustainable development. Thai place stay should accommodate it and follow it right now. The authorities should get down by educating the local people and so transport out research on client demands, selling scheme, planning and direction.

In add-on, strong policies are important, with a demand for punishments for those who break the regulations. The importance is the cooperation of everybody in the state, because everybody is portion of the patterned advance of Thailand.