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The premiertable fruit Apple (Malus domestica Borkh) is a typical temperature fruit, grownall over the world in temperate climates.Being native of South Western Asia andEurope ; more than 80% of its supply is being produced by Europe.     Inthe horticulture map of India , Jammu and kashmir has the significant positionas an area of 1,96,136 hactere is under fresh fruit, out of which 1,27,795 hais under Apple.

 In J&K theproduction of fresh fruit is 14,77,920 tonnes which includes 13,11,845 tonnesof Apples. . In the observational district Kulgam the area under Apple orchardsis 13,601 ha under fresh fruit including 12,342 ha under Apple, with productionof 1, 06,572  tonnes and 98,625 tonnes offresh fruit and Apple respectively.

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(Digest of  Statistics,Directorate of Economics, Statistics and planning, Jammu and Kashmir Srinagarpp.125 -128). (Anonymous, 2009).                   Yield of commerciallycultivated Apple cultivars particularly Red Delicious per unit area is highestin the country ranging 10 – 12 tonnes / ha but it compares poorly to the yieldof 40-60 tonnes/ha in advanced countries ( Nagi setal 1998).                 In Kashmir production ofquality Apple was previously confined to the Kerewa and Kandi areas but thehigh returns tempted the farmers to convert irrigated paddy lands into Appleorchids resulted in the production of low quality fruits due to imballance ofnutrition, imperfact drainage and site characterictics apart from incidence ofdiseases and pests.                For the production of quality fruit thetree health and productionis greatly influenced by soil and site charcteristics.

Ifsoil characteristics are not known before hand , the judicious and ballancedapplication of fertilises may not be of any use. The production of qualityfruit is also influenced by the nutritional status of the soil, fruit mineralcomposition, harvesting at maturity stage and leaf fruit ratio ( Hansein and Ryugo,1979).Imbalanceof nutrient disorders and consequently affects the quality  and yield of the fruit.               District Kulgam is located at33. 39degN 75deg 01’E/33 .65degN75.02degE.It has average elevation of 1739m(amsl).

            Nestling on the banks of river Vishewthis town is a picturesque place across the wide spread of which is thefoothills of great Pir Panchal mountains. Aharabal is a beautiful place tovisit in Kulgam. It has meadows and a beautiful waterfall.

As per 2011 census,Kulgam had a population of 422786, with literacy rate 60.35%.        District Kulgam consists of five blocksQaimoh , Pahloo, DH.

Pora, Devsar and Kulgam. All    these places are very rich in fruits as thefruit cultivation takes place on a large scale.