The in the event that effective, scaled to


 The background and the general business
environment for the Fannie Mae


has been a pacesetter in lower estimated lodging form 80 years a long time. house

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Estimated lodging
has ceaselessly been crucial to our assignment. Through The undertaking, we

are building on
that long standing commitment and growing our mindfulness with the help of

Recognizing the
inseparable connect among lodging and the broader community.


A developing body
of inquire about outlines the relationship between financial opportunity and

 get to to reasonable lodging. Individuals
truly have moved to where there were occupations. For

Numerous a long
times, that movement was coupled with more housing being built, which

 Implied laborers at numerous pay levels could
live affordably close where they worked.


In later a long
time that energetic has changed. Rents and domestic costs in high-opportunity

regions have
skyrocketed, with unused supply regularly on the high-end, estimating out

skilled and
lower-wage workers, driving them to live encourage and encourage absent from

places of work.
Essentially put, need of reasonable lodging has closed off get to to high-

regions, and everything they offer, for distant as well numerous people. This
gets to

the fundamental
point of Stage 1 of The Challenge. We are looking for ways to progress more

reasonable lodging
in tall opportunity/sustainable communities and/or bring more note worthy

financial openings
to those zones where reasonable lodging as of now exists. We know others

are considering
approximately this complex issue. They can seize this opportunity to yield a

and, in the event that effective, scaled to offer assistance communities across



Ten problems related to
decision making that currently exist in the organization are:


1. No sufficient information

the sufficient information is not provided to the particular individual who is
an in charge

there is a problem with the decision making process. This problem happens most
of the time

the individual is not aware of the outcome of the problems.

.Surplus Information

there is a large chunk of data which is very difficult to process and analyze
the outcomes of

data, then there is also a problem of not developing which causes the decision
making hard

the individuals.

3. Committee decisions

committee decisions play a very crucial role in the whole decision making
process. So there

be a chance of misunderstanding the concepts for advancement of the technology
in the

Most of the individuals don’t like to go for the advancement of the technology
in the

So this committee decisions are really major problems of decision making.


4 Not reaching targets in
time which delays other work

the targets are not reached within the expected timeline then there might be a
chance of facing

due to this the target date will be delayed and cause the team to stress out.
Where at

time the decision making is very hard for every team who makes the decision.


5. Too many people

there are too many people in the team and the information is scattered in
between them, then

 there might be a problem for whole team
because the too many individuals handling the

is very dangerous 


6. Emotional attachments

Emotional attachments also very play a very crucial role in the decision making
because all

employees are connected both socially and emotionally. Because of this the
decisions are

 very hard to make. That’s why emotional
attachments are very hard to decide and very crucial in



7. Lack of information
between employees

of information can be caused by many factors. This may be caused because of

 negligence and also the improper decisions
between the employees. The lack of information is

can be not willing to share the information because of job security.


8. No emotional

problem with no emotion attachments is that if there is no emotional
attachments then is a

that the employees will don’t care about what they are doing.


9. Vested interests

employees will work their personal gain like an increase in salary. The vested

a little disturbance in the team because the employees may get hurt if they are
not getting

benefits as needed.


10 Seeing each problem as
one whole big deal

employees think the problem in a whole junk but they do not think that a
problem can be

into chunks. This makes the decision making very difficult in the crucial
times. So the

need to be analyzed first and divided into chunks and deal it separately.




response to the above ten problems using the business pressure-responses-support

trade weight relates to the encouraging of the changes with the endeavor to
handle the

and challenges. Enrollment and maintenance of qualified brokers could result in

extra costs. They have been a party to, or something else included in, a few

 litigations and interventions including
competitor claims in association with modern worker

Fannie Mae moreover seek after rights through case when competitors enlist
their workers.

 who are beneath contract with them. In spite
of the result of these cases, they for the most portion bring almost critical
costs and require liberal organization time to oversee these cases. They regularly
give brokerage administrations to clients in the shape of coordinated vital
exchanges, in Which Fannie Mae act as a “middleman” by serving as counterparty
for recognized buyers and venders

coordinating, in entirety or in portion, complementary back-to-back exchanges.
In executing

foremost exchanges, they are uncovered to the chance that one of the count



              Impact of quantitative and qualitative on managerial decision making

and Subjective are one of the two major commitments to make a fruitful
administrative choice making. Quantitative investigation fundamentally bargains
with the data

can’t really be measured. Quantitative investigation is data around amounts;
that is, data can be measured and composed down with numbers. A few
illustrations of quantitative to

are your tallness, your shoe measure, and the length of your fingernails.

is based on clear numerical factual and quantifiable information without
thought to any

factors.Quantitative choices are for the most part based on factual
investigation of collected

while subjective choices are based on numerous calculations like sort and
quality of

components that impact collected information, chance appraisals. It is a more

assessment of data taking into account all conceivable variables that influence
a given

not fair the numerical information esteem to reach a decision. quantitative choice.


business intelligence can be used to support problem-solving and decision
Support in the case study organization:

The fundamental
reason of Trade Insights in commerce is to offer assistance corporate
officials, commerce directors and other operational laborers make way better
and more educated commerce choices. Companies moreover utilize Trade Insights
to cut costs, recognize modern trade openings, and spot wasteful trade forms
ready for re-engineering. A few Benefits of utilizing Commerce Insights in an
organization are:

             •Increasing Revenues            

              Helping to develop efficiency

            •Improvement in choice Making

           •Changing agreeing to the advertise trends

             •More competitive advantages.

 Business Insights program frameworks give
verifiable, current, and prescient sees of commerce operations, most regularly
utilizing information that has been accumulated into a information stockroom or
a information shop and sometimes working from operational data. Using BI is a
exceptionally proficiency procedure for making great choice makings as BI this
is primarily utilized for trade purposes by spotting the contrasts between the
show markets and the an