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The FASTER things that happen to you if you look 10 minutes in the eye of someone. The experiment you should never doSend by email08.27.2015 | ? Views: 74838+ZOOMLucrurile horrendous happens when you look someone in the eye 10 minutes.

The experiment you should never doPhoto Gallery (1)An Italian psychologist has discovered what happens if you look 10 minutes in someone else’s eyes.A group of 20 people have accepted to participate in the study of Italian Giovanni Caputo, from the University of Urbino. He asked the volunteers to stand face-to-face at a distance of 1 meter from each other and look eye-catching for 10 minutes. Following this experience, the state of consciousness of all participants in the study has been altered.They experienced strange experiences outside the body, had hallucinations with monsters, their relatives, and their own face that they were starting to see in the face of the person they were staring at.”The participants’ descriptions were about deformation of the partner’s face; saw the faces of deceased or still alive parents; saw archetypal faces of old women, children or the portrait of an ancestor; saw animal faces such as a cat or a lion and even fantastic animals like monsters, “said Giovanni Caputo.In the room, the light was strong enough for the participants to easily see the facial features and suffocatingly weak so that the color perception would be diminished.

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At the end of the 10 minutes of the experiment, study participants were asked to answer some questionnaires. One of the questions referred to “dissociative symptoms.”Dissociation is a term used in psychology to describe a whole range of psychological experiences that make a person feel detached from what is around him: loss of memory, seeing everything in distorted colors, or feeling that the world is not real can be caused by abuse or trauma, sometimes by pleasant experiences; also drugs like LSD, alcohol or ketamine cause such conditions. The study of the Italian psychologist has shown that the sight of the eye can make us experience these experiences.