The Influence of My Father

About 6 feet tall with short black hair, pale face and fine body (not so fat and not so thin), my dad is a high school teacher by profession. Besides that he is also interested in social service and charitable works.

He is a very humble and down to earth kind of person who is always optimistic towards everything. And e of-course is the person who has had a special influence in my life. He is the person who knowingly or un-knowingly shown me right direction to pursue my future. While talking about some particular incidents my father did, that has left an unforgettable mark on my life. I’ve tried to elaborate them below. There was this time when I was going through adolescents and passing through a lot of changes in me. At that time, being in the coolest peer was the coolest thing about being in a school.

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And that made me tempted to do things I’ve never done before (which was against the school’s rules of course). During that time, I along with my group, broke the windows of the school and was caught bullying a junior student. We got suspended for that reason. I wasn’t actually involved in the bullying, I was not even cool with the bullying thing but as I was one of the member of my peer group, they decided to suspend me too. When my dad came to take me home, knowing what has happened, he was not ok for my suspension.

He believed in me and took my side and asked other teachers to cancel my suspension knowing I wasn’t involved. He knew I was a bad student and had bad records, he still supported he will always have faith in me because I was his son. That incident really broke my heart to bits and motivated me to be what I’m today. That very moment he taught me that, if you love someone and you have faith in them then take their sides no matter what because it may bring a significant change in their life and that will be all because of you. Back in my village, there was a time when people’s standard would be judged by their c.