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The internship report contains of sixchapters and describes the entire internship he spent at the Exion Asia inSingapore which he try to explain it is constructed from the practical basis ofthe engineering work ended all months.In the opening chapter, he haswritten the introduction and objective of the internship programmes whichinclude stating briefly the background, scope and purpose of the internshipproject works.The second chapter he has given the detailsof the company background including its profile, mission, vision, core values, businessmarket etc. Besides, the contact info of the company will be attached for thoseinterested to know or access the company.

 Thus, the third chapter has stated thedepartment attached to him and all the skills he has learnt in terms ofdifferent aspects and areas. It is obvious that the internship has beingadvantaged by him in terms of either technical skills or improving skills anddifferent abilities to manage the task that given to him. After all those chapters explainedabove, he would like to introduce the forth chapter which is a work improvementby an effective equipment has recommended by him. In this chapter, he willclearly show that how the mini project had been progressed and approved by topmanagement.

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In the fifth chapter, he will show anotherproposal that recommended by him and how was he going to solve the existingissue by a concept of design thinking. During the time of solving this issue, hehas used the drawing skills via AutoCAD which learn from Singapore polytechnic.On top of these two proposals which had been approved, he has learnt the skillsof out-sourcing for various kinds of vendor and liaise with them as well asunderstand how a procurement process works.He is sure that with theseprofessional skills and practical approach, he will be able to gain evergrowing momentum in any organization as far as his competency is concerned.