The January, 2018. This work is being conducted

The work completed in this assignment was conducted prior to the duedate of 26 January, 2018. This work is being conducted because I am enrolled inCHE 352, and I hope to pass this class as well as graduate from the ChemicalEngineering Program at Arizona State University. The work done is to thebenefit of myself, as well as it is a requirement of the course.

 The purpose of this work is to develop and demonstrate skills necessaryto succeed in this course. The assignment involves conducting data research andpresenting data in a professional and appropriate format within this paper. Agoal of this assignment is to become familiar with data research using onlineresources and learning how to present that data in the most efficient way thatconveys the ideas effortlessly. In addition to conducting research andpresenting data, the assignment also requires that I demonstrate anunderstanding of how to properly give citations of others’ work.

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Theinstructors at Arizona State University and the professional community at largedo not tolerate plagiarism of any degree. Upon successful completion of thisassignment, I will have demonstrated to the professor I have an adequateknowledge of both how to properly cite the work of others and that I also havean understanding of what plagiarism is as Arizona State University’s studentcode defines.  In order to complete this work, a basic knowledge of straight chainalkanes is necessary. I have already completed the undergraduate organicchemistry courses. I will use my previous knowledge of alkane structures and theirphysical property trends. Additionally, the concepts that I learned inthermodynamics will be helpful to understand the properties and their physical significance.

 I have experience looking up materials’ thermodynamic properties fromprevious courses I have taken, and I already have an idea of how I will conductthe search. I also has experience creating tables and plots in excel. I plan touse all these skills to build a high quality report.

My weakness for this typeof assignment is that I have the potential to procrastinate. I know I mustavoid procrastination. Therefore I plan to work early and often until thisassignment is completed to a high quality level. Perfection comes from the hardwork put in advance. The work conducted in this assignment will teach me how to generateproperly formatted plots and properly formatted tables.

I think this is a goodassignment because in the past I have never given much thought to formatting.The big picture of this class and this assignment in particular is to develop askill. How to present ideas in a manner that conveys the informationeffortlessly. I think this assignment, in respect to difficulty or demand, isnot challenging.

I believe the research needed for this assignment is minimaland the emphasis is on formatting and presenting information correctly.  In conclusion, this assignment is an introduction assignment to allowmyself to become familiar with the correct formatting style. I will do researchand find good tools to check my papers against plagiarism.

When this assignmentis complete, I will have the basic skills for completing the remainingassignments of this course.