The kids health organization almost 3 million children

The severance and the need to stopthis issue from growing can be deduced from the fact that almost 1 billion children aged 2–17years experienced physical, sexual, emotional or multiple types of violence.

 According to kids health organization almost 3 million childrenare abused in USA alone and these are only the reported incidents. Accordingto a survey held by W.H.O 73 million boys and 150 million girls under the ageof 18 have been subjected to forced sexual intercourses and different kinds ofabuses and violence. A global School-based student health survey found that 20%and 65% of school going children have reported to be verbally and physicallyabused or bullied in last 30 days. UNICEF estimated that more than 3 millionfemales in subcontinent, Sudan and Egypt are subjected to female genital mutilationevery year.Childabuse in India is often a secret aspect when it happens at home or by familymembers.

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A surprising fact: intra-family or abuse that takes place at schoolsor government homes has received minimal attention of all. The old tradition ofchildren being highly dependent on their parents even after they moved out evenafter they moved out of their parental home might seem very respectful but hasproved to have negative effects on child protection and strategies. Immense numberof child abuse cases a home are really hard to attain as they go unreported.

Indiadoes not have a law that protects children against abuse In the home. 3rdApril 2017, a BBC article calls Europe as a ‘hub’ of child abuse. The internetwatch foundation found that 60% of worldwide abuse material was present I Europe.The Netherlands were at the top of the list of countries hosting illegalcontent. In 2015, about 57% of the web sites containing abuse content could befound in North America, according to IMW figures.

In 2016, this had dropped to 37%with the majority of it found in Europe now.         Gareth,who is an adult now shared his real life story of being abused by his father on Gareth tells about his pastlife, his parents got divorced when he was a toddler and he had to deal with alot. He learnt how to look aftrer himself at an early age. In his story he tellshow he grew u in mess and dirt, “Now I’m an adult I can’tstand dirt in my house or being around mess.

Growing up the way I did has had areal impact on my life.” His father started to sexually abuse him when he was7 for the first time. He was scared and didn’t know what to do. He thought itwas all normal and didn’t tell anyone. He thought of talking about it to ateacher but he was to scared because of his father’s threatening nature and badtemper so he locked up his thoughts in a box inside his head.

His sexual abusestarted till he was 13. All that happened with him had a deep impact on him “I used to get wound up, angry and moodyabout things. I think because I kept everything inside, sometimes my feelingswould just burst out of me and I couldn’t control them.”