The later used to trade with other countries.

The geographic attributes placed under the United States and Ancient Rome helped their economy, which increased their world wide rank and their dominance. To start with Ancient Rome, it located in Italian Peninsula, as it was crucial for their rise of their dominance. According to Australian Academy of Science, “Roman ships could sail to other lands surrounding Mediterranean- helped in conquering new territories, developing trade routes”(2014). Since they conquered new territories, they were able to utilize them  as large plains of field, making farming easier which supported the agricultural system of Rome. Now due to the great agricultural system provided by the geographic attributes of Rome, Ancient Rome’s population grew quickly, resulting in an improvement and increment of their agricultural system, which increased their production of  food(resources) such as grains, olives, and other crops, giving them more resources. Because the Ancient Rome’s population grew, it had extra people that were later helped their army, providing more troops in the many battles wars Rome was part of, it also helped Rome to establish trade ties with other Mediterranean powers, enhancing the city’s economic might. Now over to the United States, in the early state of the United States, the thirteen colonies were located near a large body of water, the Atlantic Ocean.  According to the University of Michigan, “Climate, soils, and biomes gave it the perfect environment for mechanized agriculture & for ranching”(Sherry, 2013). This allowed it to have an abundance of and a variety of natural resources and raw materials and supported a its agricultural system, which these resources were later used to trade with other countries.  Until this date, the Atlantic Ocean is a driving force for what is maintaining America a powerful country, acting as a major economic shipping lanes of the world, the United States has risen to global economic dominance.  Unlike Rome, since the soil and weather in the southern 13 colonies was not suitable for farming, many people did not farm, according to the book The Rise of American Air Power: The Creation of Armageddon By Michael S. Sherry(pg.24). Instead they imported crops from other regions or even other countries. In return, they would trade products they had to other countries. These products included fish, whale products, ship’s, timber products. Also, they traded furs and livestock products made from animals living in the surrounding forests. Rome was not surrounded by forest, but the US, was, and they took advantage of that since they were not suited for agriculture, using the large numbers of trees in the forest,people from the 13 colonies worked at shipbuilding. People cut down trees for lumber to build ships. They would then use them for fishing and hunting whales. That was a factor that affected what goods people would trade.