The Marxist Approach on Communism

One of the most misunderstood topics in modern society is communism.

I believe that communism has truly been misrepresented; it has become the orient in today’s capitalist, westernized world. When people hear communism, they immediately think of places like North Korea where dictators strip their citizens of their property, and give back equal modest portions, while keeping the majority of the riches to themselves. It is essential for people to understand that this is not communism, this is a communist dictatorship, and comparing the two is meaningless.

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For communism to transcend its horrendous reputation, it is vital that Karl Marx’s concept of communism, known as Marxism, is brought to light. The fundamental idea of Marxism is human emancipation, where people can truly be free as they are all equals. I believe that the next immediate Marxist moment will be the legalization of gay marriage throughout the world.

I believe that with the imminent downfall of religion, and with society’s liberal views, this will be a very likely outcome. One of the main factors that are preventing gay marriage right now is the “big government”. “Big government” is another term for centralized government, and I believe that because of centralized government, politicians can afford to continue banning gay marriage, and hide behind the sheer size of the government without having to answer the citizens. I am strongly opposed to big government; I’m for political unions, where the provinces hold more political power and are in direct contact with the citizens. The main reasons for why I am against big governments are because I believe that big governments constantly hide from citizens due to their sheer size. Secondly, big centralized governments have shown to have a bad history. Thirdly, political unions will give provincial governments more authority, which would be very beneficial for Canada.

For all those reasons and more, I believe that big go…