The Merger of Family, Tradition and Religion

Many people may find it strange and wonder what keeps my parents together since my father is a Lebanese immigrant and my mother was born and raised in Canada. My answer is faith and support; religion is what keeps us close, caring and morally sane. The more knowledge we have the better we as a society interact with one another. When I was raised to follow traditions that have been apart of my family’s history from generation to generation.

It seems to come natural as if it’s in my blood. Traditions make up half of a religion. For instance, my family and I celebrate the holly month of random. This is a mandatory pillar of Islam. In the holy month we fast from sunrise to sunset and give as much charity as we can offer. Along with this pillar comes many traditions such as, breaking our fast with the extended family, celebrating at the end of the month with a breakfast feast and morning prayer as well as giving out gifts to the children that have participated in the holly religious act. This time of year brings the family close. We look forward to it every year.

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Ramadan definitely has its hard times such as, when you get drowsy and lack energy throughout the day. I think the main reason we are still able to go one with the day and many more to come is because of the support we have around us. I would see myself struggle but then when I would look at kids half my age playing and not letting the fasting stop them from continuing with their daily activities, it gave me motivation and will power to be strong. Also, looking forward to the big feast with the entire family at sunset played a role in motivating us to move forward.

Religion is the key aspect of my extended family feeling like my immediate, religion is what keeps us close. Another important aspect of out togetherness is sharing and compromise. My parents were both born Muslims but there was a great difference in the way they practiced it. My father grew up with culture and tradi.