The Modern-Day Proverbs 31 Woman

In reading Proverbs 31 verses 10-31, this passage speaks of a virtuous woman. My idea of a modern-day Proverbs 31 woman would be our former Flotus Michelle Obama.

She is a Godly woman, a Christian woman.She is a woman of integrity. Her husband praises her in public and she has the heart of him.She is the mother to her kids. She rises early to make sure her husband and kids are prepared for the day.

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She is a woman that has done much to help woman and people across this world and they all praise her.She cultivates the land by planting gardens, which is the first ever at the White House.She has helped and invited others to help.

She has opened her home up and invited many that would have never had the opportunity to be at the White House because of color or character and treated them with respect and great hospitality.She praises her husband in the courts of other women. She is a beautiful woman, never out of place, always clothed in fine linens and purple which represents royalty.In keeping with Proverbs 31 which speaks about the powers of a virtuous woman.I see myself as a modern-day Proverbs woman, a virtuous woman, a woman of sustenance.

I am a woman who fears and have a relationship with God. I rise early and work late into the night to make sure my family (my children and my mother) have what they need and are prepared for the next day. I am an asset to my family and not a liability. I am a hard worker and I go above and beyond with my business dealings.

I feel good about myself and I like to uplift and inspire others so that they can feel good about themselves. I am wise with my gifts and talents are given to me by God.I have many accolades and accomplishments given to me as praise by others.I sew seed out of my earnings, which is like planting a garden to store up for harvest time.I open my arms to the poor and the needy, by going out and helping to feed the homeless and/or helping anyone, even if it means givi.