The Nursing Interview

What are my optionions? could I work at a doctors office? Before? After? Reply: You don’t need to become a nurse to work in a doctor’s office. Most offices will have one or two nurses on staff, but mostly, they hire MA’s or medical assistants. They can perform some of the task of a nurse at a lesser pay scale. Of course, I think you should become an RN. You will be more marketable and the pay will be better.

Question 2: I would like to learn more about working in the field of nursing. How would you suggest one go about learning more about the career while possibly adding to one’s resume/experience before I try to enter a nursing school? Is my CAN experience enough?>

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Yes, getting you CAN liscence was a step in the right direction. It really has never been a better time to become a nurse with the nursing shortage. Opportunity, financial stability, and the chance to make a difference in the lives of the patients you care for is so rewarding. Nursing isn’t for everyone. It requires a special personality, one with a great deal of patience.

What about home health care?

Reply: You really should consider becoming a home care nurse. It is such a rewarding job. You feel like a real nurse. The pay has never been better, and the benefits are such a nice bonus. I worked in a hospital setting for 10 years before going into home care and have never been happier. Think about it and of course if you are in the Michigan area you should look into Health Care Partners. It is a family oriented business, and they make you feel like you are a part of the family.

Question 4: Do you have any suggestions on the best study skills you learnt?

Reply: I learned that if you can answer the objectives you know the correct material. Pay special attention to diagrams, interventions, etc. Get a good night’s sleep and review material OVER and OVER again. Note cards help.

Question 5: What is the best way to prepare for my nursing exams?


You can prepare fore the NCLEX-PN by going to the NLN website