The of innocent lives. There has been a

The effects of the Manhattan project on
people have been very severe. Especially on the people that died in the bombing
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Primarily,
the research done to create an atomic bomb led to the discovery of how to
harness nuclear power which affects our lives to this day. However, the
Manhattan Project also led to the creation of two more atomic bombs which would
be used in WWII, radiation poisoning resulting in the death of many, fear of
nuclear weapons during the Cold War, the end of the Second World War which was
still taking place in Japan, and the threat of nuclear weapons around the world
that still exists. During World War II, the Americans fought a two-front war,
with pressure from both Japan and Germany. The United States, aware that
Germany was threatening to build an atomic weapon, created a secret project to
develop the technology first. Under the codename, the Manhattan Project,
leading scientists carried out top secret research on fission and the
technology needed to create the first atomic bomb. The immediate impact of the
Manhattan Project was the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan, ending the war
in the Pacific.


The First point to
talk about is the effects that the Manhattan Project had on Hiroshima. On July
26, 1945, the western allies delivered a Stark declaration to the Japanese: “we
call upon the government of Japan to proclaim… unconditional surrender… the
alternative for Japan is prompt and under destruction,” This shows that Japan
even had a chance to surrender before they got bombed and lost a lot of innocent
lives. There has been a count of 138,661 deaths five days after the dropping of
the bomb.i American
scientists worked on the bomb secretly so powerful that it could end the war.ii The
explosive power would come through the release of energy stored within atom.iii
They feared that the Germans would create one first but they didn’t.iv “Little
Boy” the first atomic bomb was dropped on August 6th 1945.v The
explosion was equivalent to 20,400 tonnes of TNT and it threw into the sky like
a mushroom shaped cloud of vapour and Little
Boy weighed over 9000 pounds, and the name was given after it dropped on
Hiroshima.vii The
bomb dropped on Hiroshima and exploded 600m above the city. It created the
blinding heat flash that radiated out 2.27 miles (3.66km) and flattened 13
square km of buildings.viii It
was 2000x greater than any other previous bomb.ix The
supply ships were even bombed by the American submarines.xLong
term radiation effects passed onto children and people who survived, later died
from Leukaemia or cancer.xi is
hard to calculate the number of deaths because people also died from long term

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