The once again when a man emerged out

Assassination and Aftermath Events

November22nd of 1963 tragedy struck the United States
and made global headlines. John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of
the United States, had been assassinated while
on a motorcade through Dallas, Texas – accompanied by first lady Jacquelyn
Kennedy and Governor John Connally.

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      As the motorcade passed the Texas School
Book Depository Building, at 12:30pm, 3 shots were fired from the sixth floor
of the building into the presidents open top convertible. Two of the bullets
struck the president, one hit his neck and the other his head, the last bullet
hit the Governor in the back.

      Although the Governor survived (with
severe injuries), Kennedy was pronounced dead thirty minutes after the shooting
at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital. As the nation mourned their loss Vice President
Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president of the United
States, at 2:39pm that day.

      By this point in time there was a
nationwide manhunt on for the assassin who had caused this tragedy. Within two
hours of the assassination an arrest had been made. Lee Harvey Oswald, who less
than an hour prior had killed a policeman who questioned him on the street, had
been arrested and was now the prime and only suspect of the investigation. The
world turned all eyes to Oswald when on November 23rd he was
formally arraigned for the murders of President Kennedy and Officer J.D.

Oswald was being brought to a more secure county jail, Oswald was brought to
the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters on Nov 24th, where he would be
temporarily held until they were ready to move him later that day. Police,
Press, and the public swarmed outside of the building waiting for him to be
brought out for transport to the county jail, many of the press had live
broadcasts airing about the event.

      As Oswald was brought out, the situation
was brought to a climax once again when a man emerged out of the crowd and with
a single shot, from the .38 revolver he had concealed, fatally wounded Oswald.
This man was then arrested and identified as Jack Ruby, who claimed he had
killed Oswald out of rage at the president’s death.

      The official Warren Commission report of
1964 came to the conclusion that neither Oswald nor Ruby were involved in a larger
conspiracy, domestic or international, to assonate the president.




Propaganda Surrounding the Event

has been and continues to be mass propaganda surrounding the event of President
Kennedys assassination. This propaganda is not only in the United States but
widespread around the globe. 69% of Americans that were polled said they believe
in some sort of conspiracy surrounding the events of JFK’s assassination. 26%
of these Americans reported they believed the mafia or federal government to be
involved, making these the two most popular conspiracies. The CIA and Fidel
Castro also came close with 12% of Americans believing in the conspiracies
related to them.   

Propaganda Surrounding the Federal Governments
Involvement and a Cover Up

            Many different researchers,
including Mark Lane, Henry Hurt, Gerald D. McKnight, Anthony Summers, and
others have found things that they characterize as inconsistencies in the
Kennedy assassination story. Some of these things include, oversights,
exclusions of evidence, errors, changing stories, or changes made to witness
testimony in the official Warren Commission investigation. This, suggests there
could’ve been a cover-up.

It is said that the Warren Commission only
received information sent to it by the FBI, and that its purpose was to simply
rubber stamp the lone gunman theory, not investigating any further leads in the
case. Many professionals and investigators involved in this case have made
claims supporting this theory. Richard
Schweiker, United States senator and member of the U.S. Senate Select Committee
on Intelligence, supported the theory while talking to author Anthony Summers
in 1978, “I believe that the Warren Commission was set up at the time to
feed pabulum to the American public for reasons not yet known, and that one of
the biggest cover-ups in the history of our country occurred at that time,” He
told him.

It has been said that anti-Communist and
anti-Castro extremists within the CIA plotted the assassination of Kennedy, in
order to maintain the times current tension with the Soviet Union and Cuba, and
to prevent the United States withdrawal from Vietnam. In James Douglass’ book
JFK and the Unspeakable he wrote that the CIA, acting on the orders of
conspirators with a “military industrial complex”, had killed Kennedy
and while doing so set up Lee Harvey Oswald as a patsy. Douglass also stated
that Kennedy had been killed due to him starting to turn away from the Cold War
and pursuing paths of nuclear disarmament, rapprochement with Fidel Castro, and
withdrawal from the war in Vietnam.

In 1977, the FBI released 40,000 files in
regards to the assassination of Kennedy, these files included an April 3, 1967
memorandum from Deputy Director Cartha DeLoach to Associate Director Clyde
Tolson. It was written less than a month after President Johnson had learned
from J. Edgar Hoover about CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro. According to
DeLoach, LBJ aide Marvin Watson “stated that the President had told him,
in an off moment, that he was now convinced there was a plot in connection with
the assassination. Watson stated the President felt that the CIA had had something
to do with this plot.” Because of this evidence and much more that has
circulated through the media in forms of film documentaries, news articles and
more many people believe that the CIA and FBI were involved in or executed the
Kennedy assassination, whether it be in full or in part.

Propaganda Surrounding Oswald and his innocence/Death

            There is a surprising
amount of propaganda and conspiracies in the media and in film to suggest that
Lee Harvey Oswald is innocent because of this many people speculate that Oswald
did not kill President Kennedy and instead was set up.

            One of the main pieces of
evidence that suggests this to be true is Oswald’s alibi for the time of the
assassination and what is said to be photo evidence of this alibi. Oswald
claimed, during an interrogation that he was “out with Bill Shelley in
front.”, but interrogator Will Fritz lied to the Warren Commission. He claimed
that Oswald had told him that he was “eating lunch with other
employees” during the assassination. Surprisingly he did not name these
employees, this is surprising because he was citing them as Oswald’s alibi. It’s
even more astonishing that Warren Commission lawyer Joseph Ball had not asked
him to name them, as he was a lawyer who knew both the significance and
importance of a defendants alibi.