The ordering; as well as receiving the outcomes

The Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) isa system that allows physicians and other medical staff members place orders concerningpatient care through an electronic structure which communicates them to thevarious departments. They can include medication orders to the pharmacy, labtests results, coordinates radiology schedules and other necessary equipment orprocedures that are related to patients. CPOE is mainly utilize for e-prescribingthat creates and refill prescriptions for patients. CPOE is not just a substituteto replace how to store patients records it is also a complete overhaul of thecomplex order entry process. CPOE not only get things organized but it helpssave time and efficiency improvements for the medical staff members. Through legibleelectronic orders reduces the errors that are mistaking a handwritten order.

Uponordering recipients do not have to bother with the prescribing doctor’s workflowwhich undoubtingly raises the odds of errors (Vaidyanathan, 27). There is alsoa significant reduction in time that takes place when ordering; as well asreceiving the outcomes from the laboratories. Ultimately, CPOE benefits thepatient because it can help alert nurses and doctors with warning signals,gives you accurate and up to date information pertaining to the patient.

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Also,CPOE helps nurses be able to reduce time they spend on tracking supplies andother miscellaneous things, they can put more effort to assist patients asuccessful quicker recovery.Thatalthough CPOE is very resourceful and helpful in many ways organizations have not been eager topurchase the CPOE systems due to the hefty costs in terms of both money andtechnology capability. The order entry systems for large hospitals can costseveral million dollars and a thorough analysis of organizational processes hasto be undertaken before implementing them. Even after the systems are built in,employees will still need lengthy training and in order for staff members to becomeproficient with the new system. Case Study 2CPOEimplementation process within activities of BPR that make it more convenientfor professional planning, activity modeling, organizing around outcomes;identifying all processes and prioritizing them in order of redesign urgency;integrating information processing work; binding parallel activities in theworkflow instead of integrating the outcomes. These activities will streamlinethe work processes which be able to accomplish notable levels of improvement inquality, time management, and cost.

TheSDLC activities that are sufficient to CPOE implementation process; is that itcontinues to test and implement the project. Within the activities which can bedeveloped to construct and construe various operations of the project and thatwill user-friendly to customers. Some of the goals that can be accomplish byutilizing the BPR activities are Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Total QualityManagement (TQM).  Through thesesolutions an organization can be able to automate and monitor processes withinthe organization. BPR model. Some of categories that Mary and Jane can use insteadof Lean, can be Total Quality Management (TQM) which is uniformed commitment toquality in all areas of an organization that promotes an organizational culturethat meets consumers’ perceptions of quality. TQM focuses on teamwork,increasing customer satisfaction, and lowering costs.

Anothercategory that Mary and Jane can use to reduce waste, is possibly take inconsideration the utilizing an extensive system to catch errors, may still reoccur.Mary and Jane have been aiming for improving quality on the output, they willeventually end up wasting more time without making a significant effort tojustify the costs. In order to reduce waste Mary and Jane must take intoconsideration that they will over-process their work which will require extrawork is to fix the issues and defects, or to rework a problem. One of thelargest wastes in this regard is how many times a piece of paperwork willchange hands. TheSDLC seven step process was able to help Mary and Jane to plan, analyze the integratedsystem of Lean, and implement the new redesign that would reduce waste within theirorganization.

It is possible for Mary and Jane to implement the quality of defectreduction through SDLC because SDLC was designed to manage theadvancement setting to reassure developers that their company will be able toproduce a high-quality system that will meet their needs and expectations.