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The concept of Nick Joaquin’s story “Summer Solstice” shows a “Stereotypical notions of masculinity and femininity” which proposes the grand theme:”You cannot achieve gender equality if you are not empowering women.” Like Nick Joaquin’s perception in the short story: “You cannot achieve peace as long as there is one who wants to be  a king”. Or ” The rise of every women doesn’t mean the fall of men”.We see the story as a representation of feminism movement that captures the essence of equality among sexes that enables us to assimilate the difference of gender roles among society. By doing this, it will educate the younger generations about the issues that is evident in our society. The summer solstice is a pro-woman story that enables every woman of all races to have a voice that will encourage other woman to speak about what they believe in life. A ” tale of triumphant women” because of Don Paeng’s  consent to Dona Lupeng and the portrayal of Women’s reproductive role that made them “rulers of men’; however, the society does not depict that women should be dominant in every aspects of relationship, but it wants to empower women and educate people the right way to treat a woman as an individual in the society. The emerging empowerment that women seek is all about for themselves, and how to create a platform that everyone should treat each other equally as one.In the present, saying that you are a feminist movement supporter to someone often conclude to you only supporting women. An example is that you belittle men leading to a formation of a boundary that separates both sexes. The stigma based on Feminism today contradicts the essence of what the real feminism upholds. People tend to forget about the true essence of feminism because they feel that women have the possibility to take advantage and become superior than what is expected; However, women are also empowered as people who voice their view and they tend to become more confident to defend their capability to the society. An example for these are the female presidents who served the country such as Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Corazon Aquino ,who proved that women can lead the country and make it a better place to live in.