The Passion of Perpetua

The Passion of Perpetua is one of the most significant surviving documents within the History of early Christianity. Vibia Perpetua ,a Christian woman documented her last few days in prison , till her death .The Passion of Perpetua consists of five sections ; the Prologue , Perpetua’s prison narrative, Saturus’ vision , the Narrative of Martyrdom and the epilogue. Perpetua is a martyr of great importance because she was the first Christian woman to have her own martydom documented.

A martyr is defined as a person who dies for his or her belief. She was martyred in the year 202 or 203 in Carthage .The authorship of this document has been argued by Historians who hold different perspectives on whether Perpetua wrote her account or not .The validity of certain events of her story are debated. The purpose of the text is to glorify God and emphasise the greatness of each martyr that was slaughtered with Perpetua. The writer also encourages readers to read this primary text in order to strengthen their faith . The author believes the text holds the foundation of building the Christian church.

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The Passion of Perpetua has allusions to both the movements of Montanism and Christianity. To understand the text one must acquire knowledge about the historical , political , spiritual and personal foundations of Perpetua’s life. Understanding The Passion of Perpetua allows readers to see parallels to today’s world and how relevant the text is today. Reading the Passion of Perpetua incorporates unfamiliar elements which aredifficult to understand for modern readers. If you are not a Christian or a person from a culture which designates on myth stories then reading this primary text would be highly difficult. The most striking aspect of Perpetua’saccount is her descriptions of the visions and dreams she had in prison.

Perpetua’s first vision depicts her and Saturus , one of the martyrs slaughtered with her , climbing a ladder to reach he…