The pushed him even further, challenging him deeply,

The founder of tesla, Elon Musk did not have his success merely come to him. Due to his growth mindset, his hardships pushed him even further, challenging him deeply, and now he is one of the richest man alive. He might seem like, one of the happiest individual, at the moment, but this wasn’t always the case. He faced many struggles and withstanded with a strong mindset. While growing up, he got bullied, and received many hatred. Not just in school, but at home, his parents were having struggles settling, which built a hectic pressure in Elon’s life. Despite him being the richest today, he was once, broke, but due to his hardwork, and dedication, neither of this struggles stopped him. This paper will prove that Elon Musk holds a Growth mindset.

Born in June,28,1971 Pretoria, South Africa, was a boy. Named Elon Musk. Elon has one  sister and one brother named kimbal Musk and Tosca Musk. Elons Musk’s mother Maye Musk is from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Whereas Elons father Errol Musk is from South Africa. He was born in a good family, but that was only temporary. When Elon was young he was a shy and a very intelligent kid. He always wanted the well-being of others. When Elon went to school he was bullied constantly. It was because, he had no friends to make, and he was a lonely young boy one time Elon was hiding somewhere after school from the bullies, and they found him and beat him up so much that he had to go to the hospital. Elon had to take time to hide other then doing his school work.

But none of these excuse stopped Ellon from going to school and getting educated. When Elon musk was young he had numerous downfalls. Elon Musk was 10 his mother and father had a divorce because they had lots of fights, and felt like they were not meant for eachother. That’s not all Elon then moved with his brother, and stayed with him. Both later went to there dad.

There his dad would emotionally abuse them with 3 hours of lectures. These had a major impact on Elon’s life. He held a growth mindset and got through the sufferings. About 9 years ago when Elon Musk was almost about to go broke, whereas Elon Musk is a very successful man today with 13.2 billion dollars of net worth. Elon Musk went bank broke almost when all of his stuff was a failure in 2006.

Elon Musk spended lots of money in to a rocket ship 1st ever rocket launch and 1st exposition. 2007 2nd rocket launch and 2 exposition. 2008 rocket ship crashed 3rd time with NASA satellites. 2008 tesla and spacex went into bankruptcy and lost lots of money. 2014 the tesla cars had battres problems and caught on fire witch lead to people not buying tesla cars. So around this time Elon was broke, but the thing that he didn’t do is he never gave up.

Despite all these failures, Elon, ket trying to succeed. Elon gave all of his last money to his business then it started to grow. Elon then got 13.2 billion dollars from SPACEX,TESLA and PAYPAL if elon just stopped and kept the money he would have not have 13.2 billion dollars of success today. To this day, Elon Musk has 13.2 billion dollars with his hard work, and dedication.

So this is how Elon Musk did it. Elon musk found lots of stuff like paypal and he sold paypal to ebay for 1.5 billion dollars. Elon Musk is a entrepreneurial legend, and he found spacex and solarcity with is worth 1 billion dollars and with tesla Elon Musk is still making alot of money with new cars like the new super tesla car and model x and the cars are really expensive, with the cost of 100000$. He didn’t put his last money into his business otherwise, he would have been broke.Therefore Elon Musk is a successful individual he worked hard for everything he did. He might have had anxiety, his son died, but he did everything to get to the top all of this would have never happened. If he didn’t invest into his business Elon Musk is a very talented smart citizen but, what he has been through is a lot to handle.

Still he didn’t give up. He said there was people trying to take me down but, I keep getting up. This really inspires people to get up, and keep trying. This is why I look up to Elon Musk because, he is no afraid of his past and learns from his mistakes. He  varies a strong growth mindset.