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The company may face some initial costs in setting up specific lift stations. In addition, there may be costs associated with training, as it ensures that publishers are experts in their areas of expertise. However, the benefits seem to outweigh these initial costs and their benefits: reduce the time to adjust the device because each cell manufactures one or a number of similar products, so there is no need to make a major change in the device modification from one operation to another and also the cell stimulates workers to look like a small plant The workers are the managers of this small plant and responsible for the production and also reduce the inventory of semi-finished products because raw materials enter the first stage of production and output to enter the next, there is no need to store large quantities of semi-finished products .. The B & B will be in a position to handle With more pilgrimage Can make much better use of existing resources, in the end, this would put the B & B is placed more competitive to win the business and become more profitable.Yes, Mr. Hammond should sell this idea to the carpenter manager in the second stage,Mr. Hammond can sell this idea to internal stakeholders such as carpenter manager and production workers by focusing on the benefits of efficiency. Each worker will be more productive and more able to produce work within the estimated time limits. There will also be less time and effort spent mixing large and cumbersome pieces of wood throughout the warehouse, making work easier for each individual carpenter.There will be a big difference because the cell will regulate the work more and reduce the time this cell will be proposed for the stairs alone. The existing methods can continue to date. However, if the cell model works well for the stairs, it can later be applied to the production elements Other.Distinguished elements such as uniforms may in fact be an effective means of identifying separate departments and processes and can motivate employees to increase their efficiency to move to the higher level and increase rewards.Creating a staircase cell and additional training to inexperienced cell workers will cause initial outlay costs for B&B. Capital outlays always carry some risk, but in this sense, it can be seen as a very sound investment.