The Story of Adam and Eve

The first man was created by God, he named him Adam. He was taken to the Garden of Eden where God created trees that revealed a beautiful sight. While Adam settled there, he was asked by God to not touch or eat the fruits from the garden of the knowledge of good and evil because it was dangerous. He even provided company for Adam by creating livestocks for him, however, during his creation of livestocks, he created a serpent and it was very manipulative. But later, God created a woman name Eve by using Adam’s ribs to become his wife because God thought that ever man should not be alone. Adam and Eve were very well taken care of under god’s protection until they decided to believe a serpent over him.

The serpent was able to convince Eve that by eating the fruit from the tree it will make them wiser and she would be able to tell the good from the bad and so she did and after that she offered it Adam as well. Knowing the trouble they’ve caused they hid from God when he entered the Garden of Eden because they disobeyed his order and were scared. God was furious with all three of them and cursed them. Since the serpent caused this, God assured him that his life won’t be easy and death was coming.

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Then he cursed Eve, he’s going to make giving birth to children a very painful thing and that she will be overpowered by her husband. Lastly, God cursed Adam by making his crops unable to crop no matter the hard work he’s going to provided and eventually with the lack of food, he will die. Overall Adam and Eve should ever have given into the temptation of eating the fruit since God, their creator, told them not to. This reveals that they both traded God’s trust for the serpent which clearly didn’t end well for them.Later, Jacob told Joseph that their brothers are tending the flocks in CITY and he would like him to check on them. With the help of a man, he was able to find his brothers.

However, when they saw Joseph, they plotted against him and deci…