The structures of space capsules and astronaut costumes,

The aim of this report is to describe, analyze,compare and define key looks of the 1960’s space-age couture trend and tocreate parallels with the fashion world now, not only by looking into the workof important designers and artists of the decade but also into social andpolitical aspects of that time.

 One of the major events that influenced thedecade was the first moon landing in 1959 when a Soviet Union’s spacecraft waslaunched, being the first object created by humans to ever reach the moon. Thiswas not only a giant leap for the mankind, but also for the fashion world -designers (and not only) began to experiment with new techniques and also pushthe boundaries to another level in matter of silhouette and materials. Most ofthe space-age couture garments are inspired by the metallic structures of spacecapsules and astronaut costumes, but these are uniforms – and uniforms tend toalways be out of the fashion world because of their purpose, which is to beuseful and not pretty – but that was never an issue for designers like  André Courrèges, Pierre Cardin or PacoRabanne, who managed to use their creative abilities to translate the spacecraze of the time into clothing. If Pierre Cardin chose to play witharchitectural shapes and styles because of his educational background and  Courrèges’s work was clearly influenced by the1- years of working under Balenciaga’s structural aesthetics, Paco Rabanne’slife story embraces issues of great sensibility for the year 2018- fromsustainability to the rights of women and refugees. He left his home city inSpain with his mom because of the Spanish Civil War and he settled in Paris,place where he finished his studies in architecture, domain in which he willnot profess because  he is introduced tothe fashion world by his mother, who worked as a head seamstress forBalenciaga.  One of the decade’s rebels, Rabanne createdclothing using non-traditional materials such as stones, plexiglass and even  fiber optics orplastic, but most important- metal,which became his trademark.

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  Hisobsession for metal and metallic accessories aswell as his unique techniques ofdefying the traditional rules of dressmaking made him gain the sympathy of manywell known houses of the time, such as Balenciaga, Givenchy or Dior- for whomhe even created jewelry pieces. Coco Chanel made a famous remark about thedesigner, stating that he is ” a metallurgist”. Although he worked most of hislife with metal, Rabanne attempted to create a serie of paper dresses in 1967,mostly because he desired to make his creations more accessible but alsosustainable, so that he used the lightweight material to design cheap dresses,yet unique and easy to mend with just a pair of scissors. Paco Rabanne, just like the two other couturiersmentioned above, he got inspired by space travel and the intergalactic breed ofdressmaking and since in the 1960’s all roads led to outer space, he designedthe