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The problem with the press release that I chose lies first in its title, “A Truly Innovative Way to Lose Weight.” The press release is introducing a website that claims it can help people lose weight naturally, but the website is just about the benefits of drinking green tea. There isn’t anything innovative about it, as green tea has been a proven weight loss supplement for years. The title is just a hook to get people to go out of their ways to learn about green tea. Next, I found that even though the website is about green tea, there aren’t any credible sources that prove any of its claims to be true. The only source the website mentions in their press release is the website’s manager, who just so happens to be a, “weight loss consultant” (Weight, 2012). Ron White, weight loss consultant, doesn’t have any credentials proving him as a credible source. Also, his statement shows bias towards the website because he works for the company. If they wanted a valid source to talk about the weight loss benefits of drinking green tea, they could have hired a doctor instead of bringing in a self-proclaimed weight loss consultant that works for the brand.  I also found that this press release is full of grammatical errors. In the textbook, it says that PR representatives can use conversational grammar, not proper grammar but understandable grammar (Hayne, 2017). However, the grammar in this press release and the order of the sentences makes it really confusing to read.  For example, the first sentence of the release is a sentence fragment. It says, “Good information for people who want to lose weight” (Weight, 2012). The first sentence is supposed to introduce the website, but it is confusing because it isn’t a complete thought. Also, the website and the URL are listed with different titles. The sentence introduces a website called ‘Lose Weight Naturally’, but in the second paragraph it says the URL is, and it never goes on to explain what ‘gitw’ stands for (Weight, 2012).    ReferencesA Truly Innovative Way to Lose Weight. (2012, February 11). Retrieved January 24, 2017, from Hayne, J., & Newsom, D. (2017). Public Relations Writing: Strategies and Structures (11th ed.). Cengage Learning.