The Sweet Smell of Succession

Why is the article “Sweet Smell of Succession” a case for Sales Promotion? Esteem Lauder once said, “l didn’t get here by dreaming or thinking about It. I got here by doing it. ” She started with little more than a dream, having great goals, deep passion In her craft and of course innovative marketing as well. From then on, she became one of the wealthiest self-made woman In the States and not to mention a family dynasty that is still continuing up until today.This article not Just focuses on the cuisines’ success, but also how the family built It blending It with topnotch marketing about strategies that boosts & enhances the products such as looking at axing low- performing brands and searching for cost savings In what Is surprisingly low – margin business. Esteem also managed to grow the business by taking her three – minute makeovers to big time stores so that more people would see it.When they also created a new product which was Youth Dew (bath oil and a fragrance), instead of using the normal bottles, they opted to seal the bottles by using a stopper so that there people would also be able to smell it when it is removed.

I was surprised to know that they were also the ones who pioneered the Gift with purchase (similar to a buy 1 get 1 promo today), now a huge strategy by a lot of stores to attract more customers to buy. In summary, the company is still very successful and they were able to reach the top because of their creativity in creating wonderful marketing strategies and sales promotions. . What lessons can we learn from the Esteem Lauder case? I found the case very interesting and fun to read as well. Alt is also a good thing that I as able to learn a lot from this article. If you believe in yourself, you can do more than what you perceive and achieve more than what you thought you could get.

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Just like Esteem, she claimed that she will be successful and she kept on focusing on her goals, after a few years she owned it and her business grew even more. The very lesson I got here is that if you want to reach great heights, don’t Just wait for something to happen but instead push yourself to become better.Another learning Is that to become at the top of the food chain, you have to think outside the box. Just Like what I stated in my first answer, the company had a lot of gimmicks that customers liked, hence turned Into a sale. Sales predispositions attract people to buy from you, be creative, be Imaginative, and I saw that very clearly In Esteem Ladder’s company. 3. What are the brand values of Esteem Lauder? A. Family – Esteem highlighted the saying that they are not In a family business, but they are a family in a business.

Blood comes first and It was seen In the article that each one had a role in the business and they really stuck together.Esteem also said “A B. Passion – Esteem started the business and she worked hard each and every single day Just to nurture it. This value reflected in each of the family member that worked for the company too. They had their own ways to achieve success.

Even the other employees embodied this value as well.