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The most important feature of European Union as an organization towards its member states is the economic department and financial issues. They provide lending rates for banks and cater the problems related to inflation that may arise in the member states. In order for a state to decide whether to join European Union is a question that holds not only political importance for the government but also for the layman who might not have any concern with the political elite of the country, Because inflation in case of any sort of economic crisis would have a direct impact on him.

Every organization, no matter how big or small may it be has its benefits and drawbacks that must be considered before joining it by the states. European Union is no exception, it has plenty of pros that it offers not only to the member state on regional level but also at the global level causing global harmony and integration thus peaceful co existence.

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The first thing that is important to mention that EU provides to its member states is the tax free trading. The EU member states are given the opportunity to trade with no imposition of tax across the borders. This keeps the prices of the goods and other useful stuff lower and affordable, hence controls inflation.

Another feature that attracts the countries towards European Union is the fact that it brings the people from different countries closer diminishing the border differences. It allows the people of the member states to travel free without any visa. It opens up gates to various opportunities’ from the people in terms of jobs, education and much more. This is beneficial especially for the people belonging to the poor member states.

It becomes an attractive option for the countries/states to become a part of because it respects the cultural sovereignty of all the states. It does not have any official language or an official day which may be celebrated throughout the European Union member states thusly respecting the states’ integrity and allowing them to follow their own traditions and cultures with total freedom and without making them feel intruded.

Another important factor that is beneficial not only for the member states but also for the world as a whole because it promotes peace and harmony among the nations who are the member of the organization. There are strict rules took after for any issues that happen inside the EU. This keeps any of these nations from getting into huge political or practical issues with each other and advances peace all through the mainland.

Just like every coin has two sides, everything in this world has some negatives as well. So does European Union. Since I have already mentioned the pros for the member states of the European Union following are the few drawbacks that need to be mentioned as well.

The first and the foremost factor is the fact that as discussed earlier, the European Union is an economic based organization which deals with the financial matters of the states that are its members. It distributes the wealth among all the countries on equal basis. This might be unfair to the states that carry the capability of becoming the super powers. The shared wealth creates frustrating among the states like Germany as well as in case of Brexit this factor played a great role. The policies of the European Union are extremely binding and strict. Withdrawing from it is very difficult for the member states. This is one of the reasons that many states have refused to join European Union in the first place.

As mentioned above that European Union does not have any official language, which on one hand makes room for cultural sovereignty simultaneously on the other hand creates a language or communication barrier where people lack communication and hence it impacts the unity of the member states.

The European Union has control over the administration in these nations. This implies on the off chance that they don’t care for a political pioneer, they can basically show them out of office. It is extremely straightforward for this to break the lines of debasement and cause significant issues in government divisions. Moreover, in order to be a part of European Union, a state must be a part of Europe which creates a sense of partiality among the states of the world. The borders are not defined for Europe which gives the union an authority to choose its members based on personal interests.

The arrangements, choices, and guidelines set up by the European Union are not there to secure the best enthusiasm of every individual nation. Rather, they will likely propel the EU in general. This has caused harms in littler nations, that are regularly left unheard.