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The history of the United States of America is filled with numerous conspiracy theories, from 9/11 to the mysteries of Area 51. But one conspiracy theory that many people don’t know about, is something called the Montauk Project.       The Montauk Project is said to be something along the lines of secret government experimentation including things that seemed to be only things seen in movies or on T.V. Parallel universes, mind control, and time travel are all factors of what this conspiracy was made up of.        The beginning of this started at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, where a scientist by the name of Dr. John Von Neumann tried pairing minds with computers.

He apparently turned out victorious. Von Neumann allegedly was able to open a time vortex to 1943 by influencing minds of others, which relates to the Philadelphia experiment.        What is the Philadelphia experiment you ask? Well, it’s actually another government conspiracy that branches off the Montauk Project, in which a U.S. Navy boat was deemed invisible and undetectable to enemy ships using time travel and teleportation. The tests began in the summer of 1943, and it was supposedly successful to some extent.

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One test resulted in the USS Eldridge claimed as almost invisible, with some bystanders reporting a “green fog” in its place. Crew members expressed symptoms of severe nausea. Also, reportedly, when the ship appeared again, some sailors were stuck to the hulls of the navy ship.

Other navy members were claimed as crazy.The two theories are closely related to each other and is said to have a connection.     The Montauk project did not stop there.

They continued to develop the psychic abilities of people using hardware to enhance their thoughts therefore creating illusions forcibly and willingly. They went so far as to discover that a psychic could create matter to appear at any given time. It was this discovery that led to the idea of twisting time. After years of research, time portals were opened with huge and unheard of experiments.        This all sounds surreal to most people.

How could things like teleportation and time travel exist? Most people believe it all to be one big hoax. Personally, I’m a believer of only believing what I see. And no I didn’t believe these theories at all but something of modern times sparked my thought process of this whole thing, and that is of course the classic american cartoon, The Simpsons.        Being the longest running and most popular T.V.

show, The Simpsons has had several scary accounts of predictions over the years. Some suspected it to be coincidental, but as it happened more frequently and the detail was to the “T”, it became more evident that something was going on here… and maybe that something is time travel.