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The Fair approach is how well you have provided the facts; how well you have granted access to your motives, reasoning and the information. (

aspx?SectionID=6571&tabid=154#1).Are you presenting the facts correctly? Are your motives clear? Have you considered how your communications affect others and has it been done respectfully?( to several recent scandals, Business Ethics is now firmly embraced. The subject of ethics and entrepreneurship touches on the very foundation of business ethics.(Wempe 2005).

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Business ethics is concerned with doing what is right over what is wrong while acting in helpful over harmful ways and seeking the common good as well as our own welfare.(Weiss, 2014).”Ultimately the character of a company, like the character of a person, is an accumulation of many, many moments when the choices are not necessarily clear and we make the best decisions we can.  But over time the logic and reasoning that we use to make those decisions, the moral compass to follow in making those decisions, is the essence of our authentic self, our character” (Meg, Whitman). (https://www.”The fact that some people believe success in business invariably means cutting ethical corners indicates that we must do more to close the gap between general ethical standards for communication and ethical standards for business communication (Clark & Lattal, 1993). Mumby (1988) “We should not accept different ethical principles for communication on the job from interactions conducted elsewhere.”High-Trust Relationships, Ease of Communication, and Improved Work Outcomes.

Establishing credibility allows you to communicate more easily and more influentially. High-trust relationships lead to more efficient and superior work outcomes.(

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