The the land. These films have taken over

Theincreasing worldwide population has urged the need for optimalagricultural produce.

Agricultural films are proving a boon in thismatter. The agriculture films not only help in increasing the cropyield but also lead in improving crop quality. The films are helpingthe agriculture yield by retaining the essential nutrients in thesoil, thus maintaining the soil quality and the moisture content ofthe land. These films have taken over wood chips, cloth, burlap,straw and a numerous of conventional methods used for cropprotection. The outputs of the agricultural films have madethem globally popular. The global agricultural films market isestimated to be USD 5.

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8 Billion by 2019. A huge hike is predicted inuse of agricultural films and thus in its production. However, thesefilms are vulnerable to attack by aggressive pests. Invasive rodentsand insects are known to destroy these films. The pests get attractedto the polymeric films thus gnawing them. The films on pest attack donot serve their purpose and result in millions of loss. The problemscaused by the pest to the agricultural films need to be addressed inan effective manner. We at C Tech Corporation have a unique andeco-friendly solution to prevent the agricultural films from pestattack.

Our products, namely Rodrepel™, Termirepel™ andCombirepel™ are non- toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally safepolymer additives. Our products work on the mechanism of repellence:they do not kill, they just repel the pest. Our products in the formof masterbatches can be incorporated in the agricultural films whilethey are extruded, hence making the film pest repellent. Such filmscan be a unique solution, thus being long lasting and pest repulsive.The hour is asking for effective and durable agricultural films,and we can provide an excellent solution for the same! Keyword:agricultural films, yield, pests, eco-friendly, non-toxic