The the national college students strike and resulted

The song “Ohio” was written and composed by Neil Young as response to the Kent State Massacre. The song was recorded on May 21th, 1970, and was released on June 1970. The song was banned from the station playlist because it was The Kent State Massacre happened on May viewed as anti-war and anti-Nixon at the time. 4th, 1970 resulting four students at Kent State University dead, one paralyzed, and eight wounded. This was the time during Vietnam war, and the Kent State University students participated in a protest. However, the national guard started shooting at the crowd for thirteen seconds. There was one female student who was on the way to her class had been killed. This incident ignited the national college students strike and resulted shut down of hundreds of universities. The song ”Ohio” is criticizing the Vietnam war and President Nixon’s decision to go to a war that seemed to have indirect relation between the United States. With the influence of this song, what effects has the song ”Ohio” impact the United State politically and socially?The cause of composing the song ”Ohio” was the event of Kent State Massacre, and the Kent State Massacre was greatly related to the involvement of the President Richard Nixon’s decision to wage war in Vietnam. Although during the first year of presidency, as Richard Nixon’s promise in the election to bring the Vietnam war to an end, America’s involvement in Vietnam seemed to decrease. However, In April, 1970, the U.S troops invaded Cambodia and intensified the Vietnam War even more. This military action was announced nationwide in televisions and radio by President Richard Nixon, who claimed that the invasion of Cambodia was a tactic to raid the headquarters of the Viet Cong, who had been using Cambodian territory as a shelter. The response to this decision and also the violation of the promise of ending the vietnam war created an uproarious controversy between people who are anti-war and people who are pro-war. The protest was taken place the next day of the announcement. On the date of Friday, May 1th, 1970, People across the United States assembled multiple protests throughout the U.S college campus, and Kent University was one of them. The rally was gathered at Kent State University to protest war at noon on the Commons, a place in the middle of the campus where had traditionally been station for different demonstrations.  The radical speech was announced criticizing the war and the Nixon administration by the protestors. Another protest was scheduled on Friday, May 4th, 1970. Accordingly, At Friday evening of May 1th, 1970, the protest was peaceful at first. However, it was soon turned into a violent confrontation between the protesters and the local police. The causes of the confrontation were unknown, but the situation became aggressive very quickly. Consequently, on the next day, the Mayor Satrom asked for assistance send to the area. The Governor Rhodes sent the Ohio National Guard to the Kent State University. On May 2nd, 1970, as the National Guard enter the campus around ten o’clock at night, they came across a turbulent scene. The  wooden ROTC(Reserve Officers’ Training Corp) was being burned down, with over one thousand active protesters surrounding the building, and was later interfering with the firefighters to prevent the fire being contained. Although people never figured out who ignite the fire, but it was assumed that the protestors at the scene was responsible. Furthermore, it also could have been the contributing for later the event, Kent State shooting, to happen.