The The two undemocratic governance use secret police

The novel 1984 by Orwell’s and film V for Vendetta takes place in Dystopian  England under the control of dictatorial governance.  1984 however governance of Big brother dehumanized in addition V for Vendetta in norsefire party. The two undemocratic governance use secret police as invade tense privacy of Great Britain’s civilians. Furthermore each have a theme of human spirit. As well both work aspiring as better period of time. Within  1984 besides V for Vendetta are parallel because Britain is being controlled by despotic governance , each piece hold the pertinence of human spirit and lastly both against the past bring hope for the future.The first  similarity between 1984 plus V for Vendetta is that the two take place in London England  society is being run by totalitarianism rules what means the state holds authority and seeks public and private life where ever possible. In 1984 Big Brother the inner party is the figure who keeps an eye on the people who uses telescreens to watch there movements while V , Chancellor Adam Susan is in charge of England, it’s people and Norsefire party. Another thing is that the two society’s have secret police. The job for the secret police is basically is the same as they spy the governance and try to capture people against the governance.Comparatively the two pieces of work include human spirit, although one focuses in how it can broke and the other how it prevails. The human spirit in V for vendetta Every Hammond was captured and tortured by the whereabouts of V, she  refuse to give up because of a letter she received and read and give her hope. The letter was edited by Valerie describing her life how she was lesbian and who it was not acceptable in society then was taken prisoner because of her sex. Although she writes words encouraging that even if she doesn’t now who receive the letter she loves the person.The human spirit suffers when constraining by those important to us. Likewise in 1984 Winston is being tortured to brainwash him into loving Big Brother in this case the party breaks his human spirit. When Winston faces his fear he wishes Julia to be in his place instead, “There was one and only one way to save himself”. He interpose another human being that was the rats Winston said do it to Julia! not me! Julia! This demonstrates how human spirit is down.Moreover the two novel and  movie shows hope for the future of their society  In V for Vendetta the poem. “Remember, remember/ The fifth of November/ The gunpowder treason and plot./ I know of no reason/ Why the gunpowder treason/ Should ever be forgot.” The significance of gunpowder Plot of 1605 , Fawkes, joined a group of catholic and attempted planting 900 kg of gunpowder in the cellar of Palace of Westminster . The plan failed when he got discovered and captured. The Palace being searched after assassination plan revealed through anonymous letter. V was trying to kill the politicians and the rulers of London by imploding the Old Bailey because he victim of illegal genetic testing by government the knowledge about human body ability to survive epidermis V was a revolutionary men and sought the beginning of an new and better era. Likewise Winston in 1984 also has a poem from the past the gives hopes for the future of Oceania. Mr. Charrington, gives him hope for the future of England it represents dystopian societies over time.In conclusion 1984 and V for Vendetta give prophetic warning about life in the near future under totalitarian rule; a centralized governance that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and the exercises dictatorial control over many aspects of life. Each piece place dispute Great Britain under the regime of an oppressive leader, in 1984 Big Brother is the leader of the inner party and V for Vendetta Chancellor Adams Susan’s leads the Norsefire party. As will human spirit can be broken and V for Vendetta shows how it can be prevail over all and lastly both fixate from the past that bring hope for the future.