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The King of Pop Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 to Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson in Gary, IN. He had a total of ten siblings; four sisters, and six brothers. He and four of his brothers were abused by their father because of their band, “The Jackson 5.” The three older brothers in the band created it because they were all very musically inclined. Later on, Michael, and one of his other brothers joined. This was Michael Jackson’s first exposure to performing. Eventually he would break away and become “The King of Pop.” While he did not have one specific event or recording that made him famous, he did have some that helped him become more popular, such as in 1995, “You are not Alone” became the first single to enter the chart at Number 1 and he won a total of 19 Grammy awards. He was most known for releasing the best-selling album, “Thriller.” While Michael Jackson influences many people today, he also had many people to look up to such as James Brown, Diana Ross, Fred Astaire, and many others. One of his most famous tours was the, “Victory Tour.” It was popular in the U.S. and Canada. It took place between July and December of 1984. It was the only tour that all six of the Jackson brothers went on together.I chose Michael Jackson for this essay because he seems like a major musical influence. I also decided I wanted to write about him because one of the many things he was known for was dancing. I am a dancer and I thought it would be cool to learn about what dance styles he performed. My favorite song by Michael Jackson is most likely Thriller because it’s one that i’ve heard countless times. Sadly, Jackson died on June 25, 2009 in his home in LA. He died of a drug overdose that caused a heart attack. Many people believed that he predicted his death was going to occur with a series of letters he had written that had included things such as, “They are trying to murder me.” Michael Jackson’s death swept grief across the nation, but his legacy will forever live on.