The Theme of Guilt and Abandonment on Adam Haslett

Hassles also makes an example of Graham being doubtful In his relationship to prove it Is often seen that a child who grew up holding grudge of being neglected would easily become Insecure about his love life In his adulthood. Amidst Hassle’s narration of Franklin, I noticed these words of Franklin symbolic, saying his son Is not the same anymore since he Is now damaged by his actions as “On the floor of his room he’d trace with delicate hands, what he remembered of my design: I see those same hands now spread on his thighs, nails bitten down, cuticles torn” (Hassles 9).

These words were not only composed of Graham’s opinions of his son. It also includes the writer’s implication of Franklins torment upon losing his inspirational mentor. I can relate these feelings myself for I am a person who dollies his father. Franklin as a child also looked up to Graham as an inspirational figure, but he was let down. I would have fallen apart like Franklin if I were in his situation. The writer also wrote the responsibility of Franklin as a stigma he felt In his reunion with his own son.

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At the first sight of Graham at his father, he would take a step back when Franklin was welcoming him with open arms at the same time. It Is wealth the possibilities not only to speculate that his son, Graham was bewildered to see his father In his own kitchen but also his words upon seeing his father proves that he sees him as an unwelcome uninvited guest. Hassles narrated Franklins sudden thoughts upon Graham’s obnoxious behaviors as “Here is my child wary of me in a strange kitchen in California, his mother’s ashes spread long ago over the Potomac, the objects of our lives together stored in boxes or sold” (3).The outrage of Franklin can be seen concealed with his pathos and regrets in these ironic thoughts which the writer connoted as stored in boxes or sold.

Another reason why Franklins sorrows were not visible at those times is that Haste’s storytelling skill cloaked them as Franklins mental illness, his self-eccentric Ideas and inventions. However, they became patent during their conversation (more like an argument) at the hotel. Franklin would let his son know why he did not call and apologized for his mistakes at the same time with thoughts of getting his newly Invented bicycle to Decode a Talisman product. Consequently, Frank Tacos on now en would nave great times with his family, including his daughter and his brother who would not even ant to see him made us, the readers empathic him. Haste’s story only seems to consist of Franklin, the protagonists but there is more. The writer generated the antagonists through his unreliable narrator such as an employee from Westinghouse in a diner in Chevy Chase dressed up as a reindeer who stole his electric bread slices concept and the people dining in the restaurant spying on him to steal his ideas.The writer let Franklin see these illusions to serve the readers as a medium to find Franklins heart sunken with his failures, pain and loneliness.

Among many exciting scenes of the story, what shocked me the most is when the writer exposed Graham has the same bipolar mental illness that Franklin is suffering. After letting Franklin know about his illness, Graham’s words did accuse him of being egocentric. These accusations made Franklin more blameworthy of being selfish by avoiding treatments and medications, by making his own family bankrupt, by getting into divorce situation with his wife and by abandoning his own family.At that time, a part of Franklin was relieved to know that there is somebody who could understand him, even though it made him genetically responsible. Again, the lack of paternal mentor would consequent on skeptical person with doubtful relationship. The writer informed this fact into his readers with Graham’s words when he was revealing his father how he had been struggling with his mental illness by saying that he is afraid that Ben will leave him like his mother did to his dad.

Aforementioned thoughts showed Franklin was not totally insane when he was sketching those blueprints and when he continued doing infuriating things, specifically, Franklins drawing of the blueprint of a self-charging bicycle as soon as he arrived his son’s home, his numerous attempts o persuade his idea to Graham, his squandering in a number of things (the Doom Pregion and the hotel’ luxury suite) neither he nor his son could afford.Hence, these actions maybe despicable for Franklin, but, from Graham’s perspective they are Just acts of redemption for someone who made his family bankrupted. The closer story got to its climax the more venial Franklin became. While the writer’s narration from the Franklins view point may be eccentric and egotistical to the readers, the writer’s aptitude pulls us right back to the point where we can understand Graham’s concerns..