The themed music. In the 1960’s she began

The composer that I chose to write about is Patricia Van Ness.

She’s a violinist, poet, and an American composer. She was born June 25, 1951 in America and now lives in Cambridge Massachusetts. She’s the staff composer for First Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has also been an invited lecturer on her music at the Harvard University Department of Music and at Boston University’s Core Curriculum Program. The style music that Patricia makes is Medieval and Renaissance themed music. In the 1960’s she began to use her first and primary instrument the violin and her love for singing developed over time.

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Her love for music started with modern orchestra music and transferred into a more Renaissance themed music. There is a total of 65 songs that Patricia has composed or helped to compose.The first song that I picked is Sparrow, Sparrow of the Evening.  It is an english song and could not find out the voice parts for this song. The reason that i picked this song is because when i was looking up Patricia I saw this a lot it is one of her more famous pieces. Another reason that I picked this song is because it is one of my favorite piece by Patricia that I have heard and I think that she did a very good job.

Even though the song is mostly just a group of people who are singing with no words I think the piece is really beautiful. You can find this piece on the album of Glorious the Song by the Harvard University Choir released in 2015 along with 38 different pieces by many different composers. Overall this song is a pretty slow with a lot of notes that are carried out for a long time to make a really pretty sound of music. I would consider the mood of this song to a happy mood because there are lots of beautiful voices and sounds in this piece.

The song that i chose to do is called a Acapella song which means that this song has no instruments in it and that it is completely and only voices. From what I found out about Patricia I have not been able to find out why she wrote this song and what the inspiration is behind it.My next song that I chose to do is Into winter’s Glimmering Night

com/watch?v=RB4aWEOMJfM also sung by harvard university. In this piece there are five different parts including SSATB otherwise known as mixed choir. The reason that i chose to write about this piece is because I really like when the different voices of the men and women mix and make a really different sound of music that i don’t usually listen to and i just think that the harvard university does a really good job of mixing the different voices to get that sound.

This kind of song reminds me of a church choir with a really loud and beautiful church sound. This piece is also a english acapella song that is faster than the last song that i chose but still has a happy tone to the music. Unlike the last song the reason that Patricia wrote this song was because it was about the peace and joy of the birth of Jesus and how the angles were dancing around.

The third and final piece that i chose to write about