The Three Aspects of Soma

There are many great mysteries that still reside in India. What happened to the Indus River Civilization, how did the Aryans come to the subcontinent, and the malediction over Kuldhara. One of the major great mysteries that resides in India is Soma.

Soma was a supposed drink from the gods, as well as being a god itself and a plant. In the Vedas, the drink, the plant and the god are all referred to as Soma. This essay will cover the major three parts of Soma; the drink, the plant and the god. Soma is one of the more complicated gods of Hinduism, he is many things; the drink, as well as the plantbut he is also the blood in all living things, as well as the moon.

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Soma is the God of Inspiration as well, thus making him the God of Poets. Soma is also the divine cure for evil, now while Soma is all these many iterations the ancient Hindus did not differentiate between them and saw all these forms as one Soma.Soma is a very important god in the Rig Veda as he not only has one hundred and twenty hymns but also one entire book focused on him.Soma also has many forms as a celestial being, ranging from a bull to a bird, to even an embryo, however he is rarely ever seen as an adult human.

First, the moon is one of the major aspects of Soma, thus he is equated with Chandra, the original deity of the moon. However as time went on the two were merged together with Soma becoming the major depiction of the moon. The moon was considered a cup which contained Soma that the gods drank, thus the reason for the waxing and waning of the moon. When the moon waned it was because the gods were drinking the Soma, while as it waxed the God recreated himself only to be consumed once again when the moon waned.

Once the Vedic Age ended and the Brahmans asserted themselves the power of the gods no longer came from Soma, instead coming from sacrifice created by humans. As time went on Soma became less of a god with multiple aspects to becoming the god of the m…