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“The art of tomorrow will be a collectivetreasure or it will not be art at all,” VictorVasarely, the father of OP art, was a veryinfluential artist from the late 30s to the70s. His optical illusion images becamepart of pop culture,they influenced com-puter science, fashion, architecture, andhow we view everyday things.Vasarely’smotto was “art for all” and he insisted thathe made art accessible to everyone. VictorVasarely’s “kinetic” visual trial changed theworld today and shaped how we use com-puters with art.Victor was born on April 9th, 1906 in Pécs,Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. He grew upin Pieš?any, Slovakia and in 1925 he de-cided to go to medical school at EötvösLoránd University in Budapest,Hungary.

In 1927 he then realized that he had nopassion for medicine, but for art. He de-serted it 2 years later, to learn traditionalacademic painting in a privateschool called Podolini-Volk-mann Academy. In 1929 he painted hisfirst well known work titled Blue Study andGreen Study.Later on in Vasarely’s life he worked at aball bearings company designing posters.He became a graphic designer and a posterartist during the 1930’s, “Zebra” was oneof the first examples of OP art created andit changed how people look at art.

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Victormarried a woman he went to school withnamed Claire Spinner, they then had twosons together named Andre and Jean-Pierre. Victor and his family moved toparis and there he took up a creative con-sulting job at an advertising agency calledHavas, Draeger and Devambez.The OP art Movement started in1955 when “new interests in tech-nology and psychology, blossomedinto a movement.” Op art startedfrom kinetic art, art that draws youinto the virtual movement. Op, orOptical art, often uses black andwhite for high contrast to confusethe eyes.

Op art establishes abstractpatterns created with a sharp con-trast of the foreground and back-ground. Op art is intentionallysupposed to create a visual tensionwhen looking at it and it’s supposedto fool the eye, Victor loved creatingart in this way. It took About 3 de-cades for Vasarely to find his per-sonal style, geometric abstract art,working in various materials, usingminimal colors. He died at the age of 90 years old inParis on March 15, 1997.Victor Vasarely’s Op art and Kinetic art influencedculture and how people see things. He was named”The Father of OP Art” and created art for all toenjoy. Victor got to open a few art exhibits him-self, one on June 5th, 1970.

The exhibit had over500 works of art in a renaissance palace in Gordes,France. Many have dedicated art exhibits to him,The most recent Vasarely exhibit was arranged inParis at Musee en Herbe in 2012.