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The 21st century took off with a shocking newssituated in the United States of America. The entire world is familiar with the9/11 attack or more specifically the tragic destruction of the World TradeCentre in New York. The act was believed to be executed by Muslims and the term”global war on terror” arises and has been spread endlessly.

The Islamic World,Muslim communities including in the West itself have no clue when it will allcome to an end. In this fourth industrial revolution era, the Muslims areworking hard and always instilling, also portraying positive values to thesociety around them. Nonetheless, the Muslims are still not free from criticismand dark views from the Non-Muslims. This paper highlights on the side effectsof Islamophobia towards the Muslim society after the 9/11 tragedy.

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In this era of modernisation and technology, Muslimsneed to prepare themselves to face major challenges. With the mediaperpetuating to display aggressive headlines shows an act of prejudice towardsthe Muslim society. Without proper preparations, Muslims will continue to falland will always be in tough situations in aspects of politics, social andreligion. Muslims in western countries are being abused by thebiased western media. They tend to portray negative stories and events aboutMuslims and Islam, where majority of the stories are about violence andterrorism. This results in Muslims to live in fear. There has been discrepancyin the amount of media coverage of violence committed by non-Muslims versusacts committed by Muslims. The violent acts by Muslims are labelled asterrorism while similar acts of violence by non-Muslims are not called asterrorism (Islamic Networks Group (ING), 2017).

Due to America holding themedia at the palm of their hands, many non-Muslims believes the message of exaggeratedportrayal of Muslims by the media.Furthermore, the portrayal of Muslims by the westernmedia is extremely bad and worrying. Nonetheless, though they are a minority,the Muslims deal with this over-exaggeration of media by continuing to livetheir lives as normal as possible. They still practice their faith by the waythey dress and trying hard to portray positive values, despite being seen as athreat. This is because the Muslims have been taught in Islam the tool ofpatience. However, patience alone is not enough to face this challenge. That iswhy, even though majority of western media is bias, there are occasions otherwiseby highlighting the good things about Islam which are positive such as how theyare still thriving in the economic sphere, fashion industry and sports. Additionally, despite the view of Muslims conveyed by thewestern media are not positive, there are occasions where they display Muslimsand Islam positively.

Muslim women have been testing generalisations and takingrisks with their competition in maneuvering diligently in all sorts of sportsand corporate field. Ibtihaj Muhammad, US Olympic medalist and businesswoman,is one of the female figures (Jentile, 2017). She represents a new generationof Muslims in America and the world by representing the American Muslims asAmerica is a sporting society. Clearly, Muslim millennials like Ibtihajrepresents the way Muslims are facing with the prejudice of the media.Moreover, there has also been a coverage improvementby the western media. Positive articles about Muslims or written by them havebeen published even more frequently. For example, articles published in theGuardian such as by Harriet Sherwood where she highlights how some youngMuslims where in the UK are proudly practicing Islam and are active inbusiness, corporate world and fashion industry in order to promote a betterimage of Islam.

Besides that, self-expression through social medias have alsobecome an alternate and powerful platform for American Muslims (IslamicNetworks Group (ING), 2017). Consequently, Ibtihaj Muhammad expressed her views onhow she determines her platform to speak out in support of things. Shehighlights that the Internet is changing the way we all see and understand oneanother.

In a way, the Internet has dispelled harmful misconceptions andstereotypes about Muslim Americans by lifting up and interconnect them withothers around the world. She grew up lacking global support system and had ahard time with her identity because of it. In this technology advancement era,she realises that social media is a perfect medium for youth to express theircreativity and boldness in contributing a stronger future or more freedom andopportunity for everyone, especially the Muslims.

In conclusion, the Muslims in America are truly facinga difficult situation particularly from the biased American media. However, theMuslims in America still thrive living their lives as normal as possible tobreak the negative cycle of stereotypes of Muslims such as the role model ofIbtihaj Muhammad. The public display of her faith does not only represent blackMuslim women like her, but all Muslim Americans as citizens worthy of representingat the highest levels (Noor, 2016).