The top most colleges that are IIT’s and

The path to success is isn’t straight . Everyone
has goals to achieve in their life for which they have to face many up’s and down’s.
There are some techniques and elements which makes an easy way to success . Some
capitalists , religious people and economy tells us that two main components :
suffering and self-sacrifice both pave way to success . For a person to be
successful one should understand his or her priorities and recognizing their weaknesses
because this make them more hardworking and open new enterways in their lives .

I likewise witnessed some compareable
examples in life of my elder brother . As soon as he passed his secondary
school , he dreamed of becoming a reputed engineer by getting into india’s top
most colleges that are IIT’s and NIT’s . He took blessings from his mom-dad and
grandparents and determined himself to satisfy his fantasy . Then he migrated
to a developed city far from one village for training and prepration .                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Consistently year 1.4 million understudies
show up for IIT-JEE entrance exam , my brother was additionally in that race  . We used to Talk about his preprations and how
he spends his time in new atmosphere .He was was disillusioned and disclosed to
me how he was struggling throughout his schedule like he has to study as well
as make his own food and manage his time  . He told me that he burn 8-9 hours and rest
was only 5 hours a day . At the weekends too , he used to do laundary and buy staple
for entire month.

He realized he was living life like hellfire
where he get no sleep,no time for other activities to enjoy.At some stage he chose
to stop but then he escape of all this struggle and determined himself toward
his goal and keep on enhancing his results . So, when day of his result arrived
he was not nervous at all because he has confidence in his endeavours will demonstrate
best results. Finally , that time arrived for which he struggled and sacrifice
fun moments with family and companions the results was outstanding and hegot 7th
ALL INDIA RANK (AIR) and soon this news ended up noticeably popular  and his achievement was published on newspapers
and in current affairs . When he was in interview he said that struggling and
determination as well as self-sacrifice paid off and became role model for children
desiring to accomplish same goal like him.

To conclude , everyone has to face hurdles
to achieve dreams and there are some elements which play a major role to become
successful .