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The Reconstruction is the period when the United States began to rebuild the South after the Civil War.The Reconstruction era started in 1865 and ended in 1877. During this time the federal government proposed many plans towards the Confederate states after they were defeated. The Reconstruction had three plans from Lincoln, Johnson, and the Radical Republicans. Their reconstruction plans were very different from each other but had their similarities. The Radical Republicans plan wanted revenge from the south, they wanted them to suffer from the damage they caused during the war. Johnson’s and Lincoln’s Plan were similar because they wanted to bring the South back into the Union. But Lincoln wanted blacks to have freedom and Johnson did not want that. Lincoln’s plan was the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction also known as the Ten-Percent Plan. He issued the Ten-Percent Plan in 1863 he wanted to reunite the north and south to become one. Unlike the radical Republicans that wanted to punish the South. He hoped for northern support for the war and persuade Confederate soldiers to surrender. The Ten-Percent Plan stated that Southern states can be part of the Union if 10% of the voters swore an oath of allegiance to the Union and accept to free the slaves. Voters could then elect representatives to revise the state constitution and establish a new government. Lincoln promised southerners that he would protect their property. On April 15, 1865, Abraham Lincoln died by John Wilkes Booth who was a southerner. Andrew Johnson became president in 1865, he was a Southern Democrat who was a slave owner. He believed in a stronger state government and doctrine of laissez-faire, that the federal government should stay out of economic and social affairs. Johnson’s Plan for Reconstruction he returned white southerners property and issued hundreds of pardons to former Confederate officers and government officials. Just like Lincoln he wanted southerners to swear an oath to the Union and the Constitution that ex-Confederate leaders should not be amnesty. Johnson also appointed governors to supervise the draft of the new state constitution and agreed to confirm the thirteenth amendment to each state, which will abolish slavery.The Radical Republic didn’t like the that Lincoln’s plan was not harsh. The Radical reconstruction plan was different from Johnson’s and Lincoln’s plans instead of the South rejoining the Union the radicals wanted the south to be punished. Their plan was to put the Confederates into the ironclad oath. Where Confederates or anyone who supported the Confederates would not be allowed to vote.There gave more protection and political rights to free blacks in the south. Which made it more harder for Confederate states to rejoin the Union.Lincoln wanted to end the war as quickly as possible and feared that he would lose public support and the North and South would never reunite if the war did not stop. Andrew Johnson wanted the south to reunite just like Lincoln but did not welcome blacks as citizens. The Radical Republic wanted southerners to be punished and have blacks have equal rights.