The traction through word of mouth (Killian

The implementation of the
plan is predicated on two platforms: the mobile app and social media. According
to Shannon and Weaver model of communication (1948), when messages are
transferred between sender to receiver through channels, they can be distorted
or affected by ‘noises’ exiting in this transmission process. Then three
problems of communication are questioned by them: how accurately can the
message be transmitted? How precisely is the meaning ‘conveyed?’ how
efficiently does the received meaning affect consumer behavior? When
communication is competing against a lot of distractions through various
channels, integrated marketing communication is important. All aspects of a
brand’s communication with a consumer must be considered. Besides traditional
mass media such as TV commercials, radio, and advertising, the main focus of
the plan is mobile phone app and social media platforms. App-based
communication is important for a company to reach a large amount of consumer as
almost everyone owns a smartphone now and digital technologies support
smartphones to be used at any time and everywhere. Additionally, Facebook and
Twitter attract more than 90% of young adults and teens, representing over a
quarter of all Internet traffic (Trusov et al., 2010). With consumers spending
more and more time on the social media, the viral nature of social media offers
the plan a great opportunity to gain positive traction through word of mouth (Killian
& McManus, 2015). According to AIDA model, consumers make a purchase
decision would go through four steps: awareness, interests, desire, and action.

Brand awareness represents the first phase and is the precondition that
consumers will step into the next stage. Obviously, social media, with traits
of WOM ability and social nature, is an excellent tool to expose consumers to
the brand and thereby create brand awareness (Hutter et al., 2013).

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Furthermore, compared with traditional media channels, specific touchpoints
generated in the social media is utilized to help brand managers track consumer’s
needs and interests. With the help of database and data mining, these needs can
be analysed for customized social media message and personalized services. Connected
with what has been discussed above, the communication plan is practical from
the technical perspective.